Monday, 4 March 2013

Emotions are infectious

A bright morning with a temperature of 250 Celsius is positive in our place. It creates a positive mood and optimism sufficient to face the day. The day is not going to be heavy. The temperature may go up by 2 or 3 degree Celsius by noon. That is all right. It will not rain. Fog is not common in our place and so it is not expected. Climate is almost predictable. A smile falls on our face.

We look at the day with a smile. We look at our family with a smile. We open the door of our house with peace. We unlock the front gate and pick the news paper expecting positive news.

The main news in the news paper is not however positive. It talks about terrorism, rape, robbery, corruption and all those negative happenings. All our positive energy disappears all at once. We stroll back to our house and sits on the chair feeling defeated. Fear is in our eyes. Uncertainty appears on our face.

What happened?
The bright sun with a temperate climate filled our heart with the same brightness and comfortable emotions. The negative news killed all sunny moods and filled your heart with fear and uncertainty.

Emotions are infectious.

All over the world, when it comes to songs, most of the people love to listen blues. Blues may not be played in a party or restaurants. But ask them what kind of songs they cherish; the answer will be ‘blues’.
Pain is accepted as the truth and comfort as a myth.
We live expecting a deep pit under out foot always. Any time we may fail.
Gravity is more respected than joviality. We train our children to be grave; talk seriously, restrain emotions.
Men are not expected to cry in public like women. Men are men, grave and restrained.
Disease is talked more about than healing.
Terrorism is discussed more than a motivational message. Rape gets the front page of the news paper when the motivational event in the city is forgotten.

This world is after negative thoughts. However we struggle to start a day positive, the news paper will kill it all. Or somebody else will run up to us with negative news.
I have no answer. But I know for sure that emotions are infectious and so we can make a change.
I believe in the immense power of man. I believe that God the creator of mankind has filled our mind with amazing power to subdue this vast world and live happily. The happiness of God, the peace of heaven is imparted into man at the time of creation itself.
We are born to live happy.

Somewhere we went wrong. I am not sure. Theology may have the answer. They may peg it on sin. Without disagreeing with theologians, let me ask you one question:
Are we destined by God to live in despair in this world?
Surely not.
Before Christ resurrected he transferred His divine peace that transcends all human wisdom to men. Yes He wants us to live in peace.

I agree that we cannot change the reports in the news paper. We cannot stop terrorism or rape. We cannot bring an end to robbery.
But we can start the day, live the day and the whole night with a positive smile on our face.
A smile that promises all around us that: “Do not worry, everything will be fine.”

A smile, a positive word, a pleasant attitude, a polite action, a considerate movement from our part can change the world, because emotions are infectious.

We are born to live happy.
We are the finest creatures in this world.
We have amazing power to change this world.
Nothing is impossible for us.
Healing, comfort, peace, prosperity are our right.
We are called for a successful living.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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