Friday, 1 March 2013

Focus on strength

Why should we focus on our strength? Because we have a weakness. Black speaks of white; night assures a day; every coin has two sides. Every possession of man has two diametrically opposite sides. Every man has strength and weakness.

The strength of great men overshadows their weakness. It is not that they had no weakness. But their greatness leaves no opportunity to look at their weakness.

God the Almighty is an unchanging God. No order of God is revoked. But He has a weakness. He averts punishments if a man repents from his sins. It is the only weakness of God. He never holds against a repenting heart.

All of us have a weakness. Even the ancient Greek hero Achilles had a weakness.
Many of them could never be mended. But they can be limited and overcome.
How shall we overcome our weakness?

Think of our strength. It is our strength that brought us so far. Wherever we do stand now, it is because of our strength. If our strength can bring us so far, the same strength can take us to the next level.
Focus on our strength.

Clever financial planning, sociability, decision making, goal setting, empowering, enabling, management, co ordination etc. etc. can be our strength.
Focus on these. Use our strength at right opportunities.
Every practical use of our strength is like sharpening it. Every problem solved empowers us in return.

We may feel desperate at occasions where we fail to use our strength. It is our fault. We may not be in the right space. Each and every one of us has a space to live and work. (Read my blog on Are we in our space?). Every space available may not offer an opportunity for our strength. Only our space has the right opportunity.

There may be some other area in our life that needs more attention to improve. It comes between strength and weakness. It offers hope of improvement. Give it sufficient care. Most of the time, this area helps us to gain the ‘winning edge’. This area further improved will make us better than the next behind us. A purposeful effort is necessary for the improvement of this area.

I was born and grew as an introvert child. Whenever I spoke, I spoke in such a speed that none could understand what I mean. This made me more introvert. More introvert resulted in more speedy talk. I was not a bad student. So I could complete my Post Graduation and joined an Under Graduate College as Professor of English. When I completed my first week as Professor, the Department was flooded with complaints from students that they could not grasp even a single word I spoke. I talked in such a speed. I understood that I had to change. I know the subject; I have skills to teach; but speaks in high speed. I started practicing to talk slower. And some who watched me talk felt sad to see me talking such an effort to talk slowly. They commented that I was not talking naturally. But I kept on practicing to talk slowly. You may guess what happened. Today I have become an accepted public speaker.

The area that demands improvement and can be improved by a conscious effort attains the winning edge.

The third are is, as we have mentioned above, our weakness. I do not propose to ignore this area. But give less time for it than the above two. Live with it. Keep a watch dog over it so that it will not spoil the party. Try to mend. But do not be obsessed with it.

Let me propose a division of time for the above three areas of our life:

70% of our time to areas of strength.
25% of our time to the areas we want to improve.
05% of our time to the areas of weakness.

Further reading:

Professor Jacob Abraham

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