Sunday, 24 March 2013

Healing and success are our right

India is a land well known for renunciation. Our old sages preached renunciation as a way of escape from this sinful world and thus from sin itself.
This is not a philosophical mindset of India alone, but of the whole eastern and Middle Eastern countries of the ancient time.
The great Nobel Prize winner, Indian poet and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore, did not appreciate renunciation altogether.
I respect this philosophical mindset. I have accepted a simple life style for me. Luxury frightens me beyond anything.

But I do not want this philosophy come to the success in my life. I do not believe that a successful man cannot live a simple life. Rather success has nothing to do with a simple life.
Renunciation does not mean to yield to sufferings and failure; rather it speaks of renunciation of sinful ways of life or things that may lead us to sin. If anybody feels that renunciation of a successful life is the only safe way from sin, he has the freedom to think and act so. I share my sympathy for them.

In the Bible, the great patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job etc. were wealthy than many of us; but they lead their life in fear of God, detached from the earthly wealth. Wealth for them was a blessing from God and honour to God Himself.
In Indian epics, King Sree Rama, Lord Krishna and many others were not financially poor people. But financial success never attached them to this world’s sinful life. They stood above all these.

That simply means that the Biblical characters as well as the Indian epic characters knew how to manage success. Managing success is another topic that I do not talk now.

We are born in this world to live a successful life. We are created as the crown of all creations to live a life of authority and success. We were not destined to fail, but to succeed. After the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden, God punished Man by expelling him from the garden to a cursed land. But he promised a good yield and success if we worked hard on the land. God did not want us to live defeated.

Search all Holy Scriptures available in different regions of the world. None leaves any man to suffer. If you find anyone suffering, scriptures attach it to sin.

We are created to live a life of greatness. Believe me, there is no God, no Superpower who loves to see His creation to live a wretched life. Everything needed to live a great life is embedded in us by the Creator. It is up to us to search into ourselves and find out the hidden greatness in us. This will be glorifying our Creator.

Financial prosperity is meaningful only with a physical wellness. What is use of sugar when you are suffering from acute diabetes? If your legs are sore and broken, what good is there with a beautiful lawn around your house? Many of us get rich with money and disease simultaneously. Is God mocking us at our face by giving us financial prosperity and a bundle of diseases? It cannot be so.

So greatness, financial prosperity and physical wellness are our birth right.
Let us give up the story that all these will lead us to suffering. We have contrary examples in ancient scriptures.
Renunciation and detachment are positive mindsets; but they should not stop us from achieving success.
Live a life full.

Begin in to live as a human that was created for greatness. You were never created to be an invalid. Healing is your portion and success is your right.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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