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How Noah overcame the troubled days?

Noah is a popular old man from the Bible. He is best known for the flood and the Ark. His story is of an unprecedented calamity, rejection and escape.

He prophesied a never before rain and flood. The coming of a doomsday was predicted. It never happened before and might not happen after. But he believed that troubled days are ahead and try to teach the people around him about it.
He was rejected. He went through the rejection for 120 years.
At last the dark days occurred. But he managed to escape the troubled days. He was the only one to escape the troubles.
How did he manage to escape the calamity?

1.    He had a premonition about an imminent natural calamity. He tried to warn the people around about the coming natural calamity, financial depression, failure and doom. He shared his prediction with other fellows – with his fellow men, business men, partners, co believers in the church/religious group, social group etc. None accepted his theory. He was rejected by everyone. But he continued his effort to warn the people for 120 years. He was rejected for 120 years.
Rejection did not discourage him. He was convinced of what he had found out. His theory was not a day dream. It had deep roots in his experience and vision of life. Thousands of rejections are not going to change his conviction. None can shake his faith. He knew that he is right because he is right. He held on….

2.    He prepared a plan to overcome the troubled days. Though none shared his plan, he knew that it would work. There was no other practical way before him to escape the dark days. The length and breadth of the Ark was decided. The depth and height was formulated. Every detail was chalked and fixed.

3.    He was a man of action. He employed men to build the Ark. His employees did not believe in the story of flood and an escape from it. Still he made them work for him for 120 years. It was a tough time for him. He travelled across the land to inform all his fellow men about the forthcoming calamity. Receiving rejection, he would come back to his home and encourage his employees to work hard on the Ark. He knew that thousands of rejection cannot change a truth.

4.    If such a flood ever occurs, can an Ark like that save Noah? He was sure, it would. He knew what was going to happen. What would be the nature of the calamity, the financial depression, the defeat etc. So he could prepare a plan of sure escape. It will not fail. After all no other plan came to his mind; none came with a better plan.

5.    On the last day before the rain, he stood alone. Rejected but confident of what he had predicted. He was also confident that he had made sufficient preparation to overcome the trouble days. He felt sorry for his fellow beings. But he did not hesitate to enter the Ark, the plan of escape. He knew that none can persuade anybody to take a safe place to escape dark days in their life. Everybody had a responsibility to run for escape forth seeing troubles. He cannot wait for none. It is not a time to wail for others. It is his time to enter into the safety of the Ark.

What helped Noah to overcome the troubled days?

1.    His ability to look into the seeds of time – he was living today with an eye on tomorrow.
2.    His conviction of what he has learned supported by his past experiences.
3.    His preparation of a plan to escape the troubles
4.    His execution of the plan
5.    His confidence and reliance in his plan of escape.

How did it really work? How could he overcome the troubles?
He floated over the waves of troubles that drowned many others till all the dark days were over.
Floating over troubles was his plan of escape.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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