Saturday, 2 March 2013

Look beyond

I read somewhere else a sentence like this: “you need a tiny little dose of faith combined with a massive dose of action to change your world forever! So get busy believing and get busy doing! You can do it!”

In the Bible it is recorded the life story of the great patriarch Abraham. He was a rich man. Rich means a very rich man. He was a firm believer in God also. He believed in eternity after death and considered the life after more worth. So his attitude towards the life in this world was that of a stranger and foreigner. He was a man who looked beyond the reality of wealth around him to the truth of wealth in the eternal life.

In our place, there is an old belief. Old belief means a belief and practice that was popular among the older generations and of which the new generation knows nothing. There were some rich people who hesitated to die. They laid on the death bed breathing slowly for days, week and for months. There was no sign of life in them except the soft breathing. It was believed by the older generation that the rich people who were so much attached with their wealth hesitated to leave it behind. Even in his unconscious state and dying bed, his subconscious mind was attached to the wealth in this world. So his soul was not free to leave his body. In such circumstance, some old people would come forward and thrust the keys of his money chest into his clutched fingers. It often worked. The person died soon.

The two pictures I have presented above are of two diametrically opposite personalities. One lives looking beyond and another looks around. Who is a successful person? Of course, the first one. Only those who look beyond the present reality can achieve new goals.

Realities around us do not have a permanent nature. Climate changes unexpectedly.  Prosperity is not a permanent state with all men. Beauty withers. Fame fades. Even scientific discoveries are not said be permanent facts, as once we were told. Everything is in a state of change.

If so, why allow the realities around us control our life?
If realities can be changed, why can’t we thing in that way. Let us give a try.

One day, a few years before, a girl who has passed her post graduate course in computer application with 69% of marks met me for career counseling. Her problem was that all IT companies in the city consider only those candidates who have 70% and above. She searched all around to find an IT firm who is ready to meet a 70% below candidate. She could not find any so far. She had only 69% and she was afraid to present even a résumé to them. She was sure that no one is going to accept her résumé.  I heard sad plight and told her that her problem was the mark list. Tearing it away is the solution, but since it is her mark list, I advised her to forget all about the marks.  Forget that you have 69% and all the stories about 70%. It is only a reality which is going to change for you tomorrow morning. I encouraged her to walk into an IT firm of her choice with full confidence and leave a résumé and a copy of her mark list and such things there. Walk out confidently and wait for their call. She did exactly and got the job and six signed pre dated cheque leaves for the salary of the next six months.

The horizon is not the end. There is world beyond that. The horizon is only a reality that you see with your eyes. The world beyond that is a truth. Walk forward and you will see the horizon moving backward. Walk faster, the horizon will run faster away from you revealing a new wonderful world.

Those who look beyond have discovered this truth. Great has happened, but the greater is just beyond.
So look beyond.

Turn to the cripple within your life and command: 'Take up your bed and walk!'

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