Monday, 18 March 2013

Man in the mirror

When the whole world is praising you for your achievements, go to your mirror in your bedroom, look straight into the eyes of the man in the mirror and asks him, “What do you feel about these?”
His answer is worthy than the whole world’s applause. His answer is more sincere, for he is not a flatterer. He knows who you are. Nothing about you is hidden to him. He makes no mistake about you.

His applause is more important than any else in this world. He knows how you reached here. What struggles you faced; what animosity you overcame; how many times you were defeated; what really pushed you forward etc. ….
The world sees you as an achiever; the man in the mirror knows that you are successful fighter.
It is fighting with all your might that has put you here on the top of the ladder. It is not luck, it is not fate, it is not a gift of any godfathers, but it is only perspiration that made this success possible. Who knows this better than the man in the mirror?

But some are not happy to look at this man, because he is a constant remembrance of your past days. Some like to bury their past with the glory of the present. It is dangerous, as it may lead to mishandling success. It is more important to remain at the top than to reach there.
Success should not be a momentary joy, but a permanent condition.
It is like a mountain you have conquered to keep it for life. If it is to climb down, why should we take all these hardships to climb up? The valley was cool and comfort. But we left it to climb up to conquer and live there.
A mismanaged success is worse than a defeat.
The man in the mirror helps you to manage success properly. Struggles and trials in the past must not be forgotten. More struggles and perspiration are needed to remain at the top of the ladder.

Some others dislike the man in the mirror. They know that there is a man in their bed room mirror. He is more truthful than them. He never tells lies. And so they cannot look straight into his eyes. There is no applause in his eyes for them, there is only rebuke. He reminds them of the crooked ways they have climbed through to the top. He reveals the worthlessness of unmerited victory.
Success is success only when we earn it with a merit. All others are manipulated events of success. It is will not better their life.
Only true success that is the fruit of perspiration tastes sweet. All others are dross.
The man in the mirror will look at their face and shout “you are deceiver not a victor”.

The applause of the man in the mirror is more worthy than the praise of the whole world. Always we must have the righteousness to look straight into his eyes and ask, ‘what do you think of all these?”
I hope for all of you that his answer always will be, “Great, well done, go on.”

Professor Jacob Abraham

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