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Noah – failure or success?

My question is about the ancient Biblical character of the historical flood story. Was Noah, a colossal example for rejection, a failure or success?

He was a man travelled throughout his land prophesying the coming of heavy rain and flood. He preached for 120 years. But none believed him; none followed him; none accepted his theory of rain and flood and none entered his ark to escape the flood. Was he a failure?
Whatever may be our answer, the basic question we have to answer is, ‘what really is success?’

The Biblical story goes like this.
Seeing the earth filled with sin, God decided to destroy the whole living beings with flood. To cause flood, He would open up the casements of the sky and heavy rain would fall on earth. This rain would continue for 40 days and 40 nights causing great flood. The water would rise above the highest mountain drowning everything living and non living on earth. Thus God had planned to wipe away all sinful living creatures from this earth. God further instructed Noah, a righteous man before God, to build an Ark as He directs that would float above the water. Every living creature that entered the Ark before the rain started would escape the flood.
The construction of the Ark took days 120 days during which Noah, tried to warn the people about the coming natural calamity and offered an entry into his Ark to escape the flood. But none listened to him. So the final day came. Noah and his children along with their family and two of every living creature except man entered the Ark. The door was closed. Rain started. Flood occurred and the whole living creatures outside the Ark died. The earth was covered by water for 40 days and 40 nights effecting geological changes.

Let us look back into the historical incident event by event.

1.    Noah was a wise man who got a revelation about an unprecedented natural calamity. He might have been divinely inspired as the Bible says or might be a wise scientist which was a race species at the time. He prophesized about rain and flood. Rain was a never before natural phenomena at that time. It never rained before. Mist wetted the earth. So his prophesy was hard to believe. His science was foolishness to the people. But he believed in what he said. He had a faith in his conviction. His faith in his vision was not dependant on other people.

2.    Noah decided to build a huge Ark that would float on waters to escape the flood. Even flood was a fantasy to the people. How could they believe that an Ark would help them escape a fantastical flood? Noah engaged many men to build the Ark. Noah gave the measurements and directions to build it. But even the workers did not share the prediction. Many workers till today are like this. The entrepreneur has a great vision. Many may work for him for salary. But they never try to share his vision. The result is that they will never share the joy of the final success of all their combined effort. Noah tried to impart his vision in his workers and all the people around him. But they continued to reject him. The workers were paid for their effort. But they failed to stand with their leader. Hence they failed to enjoy the victory.

3.    During the period between the construction of the Ark and the coming of flood, Noah tried to teach the people about his wonder revelation. He spoke convincingly. He took utmost effort to communicate with them. He hoped to turn the attention of at least one person to the impending natural calamity. But all his theories of rain, flood and the Ark was rejected. He continued his effort to teach the people for 120 years. On the last day, as raindrops started falling down, he stood alone. He thought for a moment, “Am I a failure or a success?”

      This is a repeated story in history. Galileo also spoke a truth about the universe. The then Church, political leadership and the people jeered at him. They rejected Galileo. During the time of Noah, all social systems and individuals rejected the theory of rain and flood.
4.    The rain fell, flood occurred. Noah and his family of eight members entered the Ark, still believing in the revelation and the way of escape they have prepared. Water drowned reptiles, animals, men and women, birds and the highest mountains.

Noah had a rare revelation about the coming natural calamity. He tried to warn and teach his own people. He was rejected.
He prepared a plan of escape from the troubled days. None shared his plan. Even his workers whom he paid rejected all his ideas.
Still he held on to his vision. He could get no partners, no followers, no ‘likes’, no ‘forward’, no ‘share’. Still he believed that he is right, because he was right.
The rain and the flood happened. He could save none except himself and his family.

Was he a success or failure?

He was a success to every detail.
Success is not measured by the number of followers. Success is measured by the fulfillment of the vision.
Let a thousand reject us. If we can fulfill our vision, we are a success.
Fulfilling vision is fulfilling the purpose of life. Fulfilling the purpose of life is success.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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