Monday, 25 March 2013

On Change and fading flowers

Once again I am turning to nature and especially to flowers. This time I speak on the necessity of fading. Fading is the process of change.

There is nothing like ‘the best’ in nature. We may often describe something as the best we have come across so far. The best that we have seen, the best that we have heard, the best we have enjoyed and so on ….
We never can say this is the best and nothing better is on the way, because the world is always producing better things.
Improving on itself is the way of life. Yesterday went under the processes change and betterment to produce today. Today is improved to create tomorrow. ‘Tomorrow’ surely will go under another process of improvement.

Nature is never satisfied with what it has already produced. The joy of creation seems to be momentary. After the celebration of a new creation, the world looks for a better thing.
Create, celebrate, improve, and create better.

In order to accommodate better things, change must happen.

The better is in the stock. So change is a necessity.
Striving for better is a continuous process, so change is a necessity.
Better need space to exist, so change is necessary.

The flower was beautiful. It was the best that we have ever seen in our life. But it fades in the evening. It is giving its own space for a better flower. Unless it fades and falls, a better flower will not get a space to bloom.

It is not like a player in a drama who plays its role and disappears. A player has a part to play. He leaves the stage after completing his role.
A flower leaves the world for a better flower to bloom. It is not completing its role and leaving the stage.
It replaced an older flower which was different. It has to give space to a new one which will be different.

Nothing in this world is equivalent to another one. Everything is different from another of the same kind.
There are no two mountain peaks that are equivalent. No air is equivalent to another air. No joy is equivalent to another one. No sorrow has equals. No red is equal to another red.

So change is a must. It is the rhythm of life. It makes the world better than yesterday.
Better and better ones are waiting.
Change is only way for them to appear …. And disappear.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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