Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Success – a truth or myth?

Success is a truth as well as a myth. It is truth and myth at the same time. Why it is so?

Success is a truth because it is a happening. It is not an imaginary situation. It is reaching the pinnacle of a mountain.
Success is not a jump over. One has to struggle for long to reach there. Hard work and perspiration along with perseverance achieves success. Every successful person has a story of failure, shame, rebut, goal setting, goal resetting, defeat, fall, rising again, crawling, running etc. etc. He felt every moment he spent towards success. Every breath was counted. He had to fight with fear, negativism, criticism, discouragement, social laws, unfavorable laws of the land and many such. Every person might not have gone through these entire traumas, but certainly have suffered most of these ordeals.
For success is not an inherited title or wealth. It is a hard earned victory.

So it is a happening. It happens practically. None can deny its happening and existence.
Hence success is a truth.

At the same time success is a myth, because none ever succeeds. It is like a mountaineer reaching the pinnacle of a high mountain. He has to climb step by step bearing cold and hot, going through hunger and thirst. He fights against the wind and snow. He defeats disease and weakness. He finally reaches the top. He flies his success flag there, drinks a cooling drink, takes a nap, sees dreams and wakes up in the evening soft light. He looks around. Lo! There is another high mountain beckoning him to its top.

He accepts the challenge and conquers the pinnacle. There he is again challenged by yet another mountain height. And yet another and another and yet another …..

Success is a myth. None ever reach success. It is a never ending pursuit.
The happy news is that as long as you do not stop at the mountain top ignoring the challenge posed by another height, you are a success. A climb or a crawl from one mountain top to the next height is always success.
Complacency is the only failure.

Success is a happening. Living the happening is success. A continues pursuit conquering mountain after mountain is success.

Success is a truth.
Success is a myth.

So is failure
Failure is a truth.
Failure is a myth.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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