Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A tree of all fruits!

I have only few yards of land around my residence. There are some good shrubs that bear sweet fruits.  I love fruit bearing shrubs more than plants. Do not misunderstand me; I have plants with beautiful flowers in different colors too. I grow some vegetables also. It is very hard to keep all these fresh in hot summer season in our land. Still we have them and they bear fruits.

The guava plant, the mulberry, the custard apple and all else have one problems. Each of them bears only one kind of fruits. It has not worried me yet; still I wish if one plant of any of them could bear all kinds of fruits. I could plant one shrub in front of my house, in a beautiful patch. I could water it well and care for it. I could bring it water even in hot summer season. If it could bear all kinds fruits, I need not any other plants. It could save me time, energy and other resources. That single tree should bear guava, mulberry, apple, orange, grapes, strawberry all other fruits in the world. Let each fruit reserve a branch for it. It is fine. I could go to it without deciding what fruit I will eat on that day. I could just look above and ask the tree itself what fruit it will give me that day. That fruit will not be the one I ate yesterday.

One tree, all fruits!
It is a beautiful dream that will never come true.
There is no tree that can bear all kinds of fruits. Each tree bears only its own fruit. How much we try by cross pollination or cross budding, no tree bears another fruit.
Thus apple tree bears only apples, never oranges. Orange tress bears only oranges, never grapes.

Every tree is physically designed for the particular fruit it is intended to bear.
Vine plats are not bushy like apple trees. Mulberry plants are not strong like guava trees. Each tree is genetically designed to bear a particular kind of fruit.

Genetic studies have improved a lot. The knowledge of this science is used to improve the quality of fruits. Thus we have larger and better apples, oranges and grapes now.

Every person is genetically designed to bear a particular fruit.
There is no man with all perfect qualities. If there were men with all perfect and good qualities, that would have been wonderful.
Every person is a mixture of strength and weakness, good and bad, positive and negative qualities. All great men and women were a mixture. They were people like us.
But the goodness of great people overwhelmed their weakness. Their strength was greater than their weakness. Their merits hide their demerits. So we seldom talk about their weakness.

Great men are people who could cleverly control and subdue all their weakness.

Do not expect your friend, partner, spouse, sibling or colleagues to be perfect. If their goodness over shadows their badness, let us accept them and appreciate them.

One way to become great and successful in life is to learn to control and subdue the negatives in your character.
Great sages could do it. Ordinary people could meet success in conquering negatives. You and I too can cover up our demerits with merits of our character, if only we wish.

That is how great men and women are born.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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