Tuesday, 9 April 2013

An early morning thought

The other day I wake up as usual early in the morning hearing the bicycle bell of the news paper boy. The sun was still struggling to get up in the east. The air was cold and slightly misty. It was pleasant to get out of the house in such an early summer day in our land. I thanked the service of the news paper boy who is regular to deliver the daily news paper at such a time. The interesting fact is that I have not seen him so far in my life. There is an agent who is the boss of these news paper boys. The boss used to come to my house once in every month to collect the monthly subscription for the news paper. I have heard from him that it is hard to get news paper boys these days because none likes to get up so early and go to work. The system of collecting news papers from a typical office and deliver at the door step of each house as the sun rises in the east or even before is very old and might have been in practice before I was born. In our land, people wish to read news paper along with the bed coffee. News should go inside as they sip the morning coffee/tea. Though I am not addicted to this habit, I too prefer to read news papers along with my morning tea.

My house is situated in a residential area and I have only a small piece of land. In the land I own I have a rather beautiful house and some fruit bearing bushy trees around the building. I have a guava plant, a mulberry, custard apple and two or three more. All of them are short in height. Since our children likes to eat them they are watered regularly even in this hot summer. It is miraculous that they produce fruits almost of every month, though quantity and size may vary. 

I woke up and got out of my house. I was greeted by shrill voices that nearly pierced my ears. A large group of birds were there on every branch of all these fruits bearing bushy trees enjoying their early breakfast. They were extremely happy to find such sumptuous breakfast that they forget all about the place they have gathered. Out of joy they were shouting and singing. I stood at my door step least I may disturb their party time. I found a group of small birds, light brown in colour, sitting, walking and hanging on the branches of the trees. It was amusing to see some of them walking on the ground below the trees. They were not walking, they were dancing and celebrating.

These birds were not alone. They had a group of guests too. Squirrels, bats and some other smaller birds too had joined them accepting their invitation. All of them moved along the branches and hoping from one branch to another in perfect harmony. None encroached others territory. None snatched away food from the other. For there were plenty for each of them.

Though joyful noise, the noise made by the small brown birds were piercing. I had to close my early morning ears with my hand for a while. Then I removed my hands and stood watching them all and listening to their mirth. I felt hoping with the little birds. I wished for an invitation to join their birthday party.

Then suddenly a thought came to my mind. These trees are planted in my personal property and the fruits are a product of the trees which are watered and cared by my children. They will be sad to see all fruits eaten by birds and squirrels. So should I chase away all of them by throwing stones at them? I knew how sad my children would be to see this sight. But I decided to trust those little creatures to care for my children too. Surely they will leave sufficient number of fruits for my children. Therefore I stood watching and enjoying the breakfast party.

These trees produce more fruits than my children may eat. My children used to collect fruits because gathering fruits itself is a pleasure. They make fruit juice out of it and drink with ice cubes topped. They eat raw fruits. Then the surplus is kept in freezer or out in the kitchen. The next day these trees give more fruits. The old fruits kept aside are no more used.

Why the trees produce more fruits than my children really need. The tree is for my children and for the children living around my residence. Fruits produced by the tree are for animals and birds in the nature too. It bears more and more fruits every day for men, animals and birds – for all the living creatures in this world. Those tiny brown birds, squirrels and other small birds, all have a right to the tree and its fruits as we have.

The fruit bearing tree belongs to all living creatures in this universe. We, human beings are a part of the inheritors. Take our share and leave the rest to other inheritors.
God created them before He created man. God prefers a co existence.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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