Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Defining Mind

Mind is a non existing organ of our body.
Where is the mind? What it is made of? Is it made of muscles, bones or nerves? No answer to all these questions. Still mind is the most powerful part of human body which can control the whole body and life. It can heal and sicken, it can strengthen and weaken or it can prolong and cease life.
Mind controls the whole life of men and women. It supports us to fight and retreat. It is positive and negative. It is good and evil. Still it is a nonexistent entity.

It has been a puzzle to hundreds of philosophers. Psychologists tried to define and explain it. Common people know that it is a powerful body from which they cannot escape. It always remained out of reach of men. It never lightened its control over men.

Many in all days thought of it as the presence of God in man. ‘Our mind is God’ is the belief and argument of many gurus. It is based on the concept that mind always stands for the right and condemns the evil. Mind reminds god’s righteousness but never use force. The prick of conscious is the discomfort of gods. This theory is apparently fine, but not in practical life. God may have a freehand into the mind, but mind is not god. There are many criminals who live without any prick of conscious. Mind can be tuned according to the wish of a man.

Mind has a tremendous influence and control over our life. If mind is an entity beyond our control men have to live at the mercy of his mind. The happy news is that man has authority over his mind to shape it. He has a power to mould it as he wishes. The mind in turn helps to mould his life.

Since the mind is a nonexistent entity man cannot change or shape it physically. The only way for man to change and mould his mind is dictating laws and rules to it. These laws and rules are not mere ‘dos’ and ‘do nots’. It is like an engineer creating his huge machine bit by bit, laying a piece and adding another to it. For mind dislikes ‘do nots’. We may call the process ‘auto suggestion’ or ‘confession’ or by any other word. The process is simple and straight. It is speaking or dictating to mind with an intention of molding it.

It is believed that mind has two parts. The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is always alert, never sleeps and controls our life. We can put the conscious mind to sleep. Actually we have power over only the conscious part of the mind. At the same time, what we continuously feed into the conscious mind sinks into the subconscious mind. What remains in the subconscious mind cannot be erased with a conscious effort. Hence molding the subconscious mind is a difficult task, but it is the important task. The subconscious mind takes over the conscious mind at any time.

If we want to mould our life in a particular way, we have to go deep into the subconscious mind. The difficult part is that there is no direct entry into the subconscious mind. It is a protected area. So feed our conscious mind with thoughts that we want to influence our life. If we want to live a positive life, feed our conscious mind with positive thoughts. The formula of 80-20 may be applied here. I am not sure that this formula works with the mind. Still let us use this formula to understand how it works. Out of a 100 positive suggestions or thoughts we feed into our conscious mind, 20 suggestions may sink into the subconscious mind.

We have to change the subconscious mind. So our task of remolding the subconscious mind is great. It is like eating a lot for a small quantity of energy that can be generated from it.  No other option is left before us.

So start today to remold your subconscious mind. Feed today your conscious mind with such thoughts that you wish to influence your life from tomorrow. Remember the 80-20 formula. For every negative thought that exists in your subconscious mind today, you need to feed 10 positive thoughts to your conscious mind. 8 positive thoughts will remain in your conscious mind itself. 2 will go deep into your subconscious mind. One will cancel the old negative thought and the second one will live there.

Live a blessed life!

Professor Jacob Abraham

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