Friday, 19 April 2013

Fight against narrowing

Narrowing is happening everywhere in our life. Our social life has narrowed to ourselves.
The larger society has narrowed to our joint family; to our nucleus family that consists of the husband, wife and children; and again to a single member in our family. We are living for ourselves.

Narrowing is isolation.
It is self imposed isolation. It exercises all negative power of isolation.
Narrowing has made our life tense, inadaptable. It has made us rigid.
Narrowing has made us insane.

Narrowing is living in a self created country.
The King in the country is the king and the only citizen there. He declares laws and obeys them alone.
We are living with our self made laws and wondering always why others are not obeying them. We forget that others too have their own country and laws. Everybody is living in their country.

Narrowing kills humanism.
We like to love others. We like to sympathize with others. We like to help and care for others. But we look around and find none in our country. We live the life of an impotent social being. We want to be an active part of the social life, but our country does not permit us to go out or allows none to come in.

Narrowing is emptiness.
We feel a hole in our head; we feel a hole in our heart.
We want love, care, sympathy, empathy, friendship and the like. We want to love, care, sympathize and empathize. We fail to find another one to give and take.

Narrowing is meaningless.
What is life without a purpose? Some argue that life purpose is created by oneself. Some others agree that life purpose is predestined by God. Some others are flexible in their argument that life purpose is only an assignment by God with a freedom to accept or reject it.
Everyone agrees that a meaningful life must have a purpose. Life without a purpose is meaningless. Life that has not fulfilled the purpose has not lived.  

So fight narrowing.

1.    Find the specific purpose of your life. One man can help you – yourself.
2.    Focus on it and search for a way to fulfill it. Go on searching till you find a way.
3.    Be part of the social life. You are not alone.
4.    All other living creatures and the universe itself have a legal right to your life. You are indebted to them for your days and nights. Your life is not yours alone – it is yours and everybody’s.
5.    Fulfill the purpose of life.

Narrowing is pain. Fight against it.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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