Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Live Now!

In ancient times, prophets were placed high in the society. They were considered to be divinely inspired and as middle men between gods and man. They were the pronouncements of gods.

Man had a great concerned about his future. What is hiding behind the days to come? The thought disturbed man. It baffled man always.
Tomorrow might bring sudden prosperity or unexpected ill fortune. Tomorrow might lift you to kingship or may pull you down to dust. Future was so wayward. So the ancient Greeks assigned prosperity to a wayward goddess. She came and went as it pleased her.
Future always stood beyond man’s reach – a mystery.

Till today tomorrow maintains the same characteristics.

Who was a prophet according to the ancient Greek concept?
A prophet was a person who shared a certain characteristic of gods. The famous classical prophet Tiresius was blind.  His physical eyes could not see. With his spiritual eyes he could see the past, present and future all at once, at the same time.
Prophets were people divinely inspired who could see the past, present and future at the same time. They had no past, present and future. They had only the present – the NOW.
Gods were also like that. For gods there were no past, present and future. Gods had only NOW, the present.

So gods and their prophet were always living in the present. It was always NOW for them. There was no ‘was’ and no ‘will’ for them. There is only ‘is’.

Prophets were different from witches. Witches could look into the seeds of time. They could see the past, present and future. But they always had the past, present and future.
For gods and prophets, there were no past and future, but only the present.

Today none of us can live divinely inspired like the ancient prophets. But we can live TODAY.
Do not live in the past. The past cannot hold you now. Past has already thrust you out. You are pushed into the present. The past has a door that opens only to the present. It never let anyone in from the present.
Past is the background of today. It is the experience and the lesson that you learnt. You are standing on the past. It is the foundation of today. But you cannot live in the past.

Future is uncertain. However you try, you cannot live in future. We will be there turning today as the past. Future is today turned to past. Tomorrow is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be build on today
Tomorrow will be the effect of today – today as the cause.

Today is the foundation laid with the experience gathered from yesterday to build tomorrow.
Today is a prophecy about tomorrow.
Today is the cause for tomorrow.


Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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