Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Master of Time

Time and tide never waits for none. This is an old saying.
Why should they wait? Who is asking them to wait?
After all, no man has ever succeeded controlling nature. Nature remains beyond man’s reach, rebellious, wild and yet charming. Nature is like the merciless lady in the famous poem of Keats La Belle Dame Sans Merci. She is a beautiful lady without mercy.

Time is an integral part of this universe. Time is not what out wrist watches and wall clocks says. It is what the universe says to us. We are granted with a definite span of time at our birth itself. From the first cry of the child, nature warns us about the relentless movement of time towards the end. Whether we grow, sleep, dream, work or idle time moves forward. It never cares for us. It pretends to be the master of our life span.

If time is the master, we are its slaves. That is not a pleasant idea.
If time is the master, it will dictate us what to do and not to do. It is not freedom.
So let us master time. Do not allow time to dictate us our daily routine. Do not allow time to control our dreams and aspirations. Instead catch time in your hand and spread it all over your daily activities.

I say catch time and spread it over your life. We all have 24 hours a day. Catch the 24 hours and spread it over your day like spreading sweet flowers on the way.  Walk over it to the finishing line.

Do not let time to dictate you to do this thing and that. Move along with the running time doing everything you have to do as if you have the bridle of the horse. Ride not behind the horse. Run not before the horse. Run on the back of the horse tugging often the bridle.

Manage your time, not time manage you.
Use time for fulfilling your dreams and tasks. You need time, not time needs you. Time is a property that belongs to you and all. It is your moon and everybody’s moon.
Speak to time and let not time speak to you. Tell time that you are going to do this task and accomplish your dreams within a time limit.

One happy truth about time is that it cannot run faster or run slower. At times of stress and joy you may feel that time is moving slow or that time moves fast. In truth time cannot double its pace or slower its steps.
It means, if you do not go slowly, you manage the time to fulfill the task. If you do not go fast, you keep pace with time.
The best time management is keeping the pace with time. Both early to rise and late to bed are not healthy.

Why worry about the movement of time.
You are also moving forward. Let those who stand still or those who move slower worry about time. You are in time and on time. Time is not defeating you; you are not defeating time either. There is no war between you and time.

Time becomes your best friend. It is your best well wisher. It encourages, motivates, pushes and pulls you. Your friendship with time is one of the reasons behind your success.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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