Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Names are constraints

Names are constraints. It limits. It builds walls around. Names make demands on it.

Is there any binding law that we should name everything? We feel there is. We need a name for people, animals, birds and all other living and non living things. We call them by name; we remember them by name and we forget them by name. Name is the first identity.

Have we ever thought of the constrain a name put on things? Names have a negative aspect. Everything man does have two sides.

Names are a constraint. It limits the action.
It demands the bearer to perform certain things.
It draws a boundary line around the bearer and never let him go beyond.
Name is a dictator. He is a dictator we invited into our life and lives under willingly.

The Bible teaches of a principle of giving ‘tithe.’ It is giving one by tenth of every blessing to God.
Tithe is always one by tenth. It cannot be two by tenth. It is never one by twenty. If I decide to give more than one by tenth, it is not tithe. I need to find another name for it.

I have reached critical junctures where I fail to name my deeds. What I am doing? I cannot tell others. People want to know what I am doing now. They want a name to my programme.

I used to conduct motivational seminars in cities in my country. But I am not sure whether it is motivational, life coaching, Christian teaching or something else. All my teachings are based on Christian values. I have been a church leader for 15 years. So what I am doing now. I do not know.
I know only that it is not Bible teaching. It is different from corporate management training program. It is not counseling. It is not motivational in the popular sense.
What shall I call my program? Do I need a name for my program?

Do we really need a name to all what we do? Do we really need a name to our beliefs? Do we need a name to our religious beliefs? I do not think so.

Names are dangerous. It suddenly dictates rules and regulations. If you add a name to you deeds, the name starts controlling them. It constrains the freedom. It lays out the path before you.

Christians should be like this. Hindus should be like this. Jews should behave like this. Sophists should think like this. …. What about a man? What if I do not bear any of these names?

If you are preacher, the name assigns a registry of vocabulary to you. If you are teacher, your walk and talk are governed by the name ‘teacher’. The thoughts of common man are predestined, because he is a ‘common man’.

I call myself a motivator, life coach and a spiritual coach as it fit to the occasion. I do not want to be known by a name. But I cannot escape from giving a name to me and for all my actions. So I give a name. I may use another name for the same action or program at another occasion. I do not agree to be consistent with any name.

Names are prisons. Freedom is freedom from names.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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