Monday, 22 April 2013

Never stop changing

Changing is an unchanging phenomenon. Whether we like it, welcome it, are happy with it or not, change always happens. It is something that no earthly power can stop and no unearthly power has ever stopped.
So we must change with changes.

We are never too early to change; never too old not to change; never too rigid not to change.
The happy news is that we can change always in accordance with change. If willing we can keep pace with change.
Our mind has a unique capacity to change, adapt and be flexible.
Change should stop only with our death. Until death should we change.

Change is life.
Change is motion.
Change is progress.

Opinions, attitudes and beliefs should undergo change as we grow. We grow intellectually and emotionally. We grow physically and spiritually.
Changes should occur as we grow. We cannot think at the age of 30 as we thought at an age of 10. What we believed to be the best for us, our family, our society, our nation and the whole universe undergoes changes as we acquire more knowledge about all those.
So our social, political and spiritual views and beliefs should undergo necessary changes as we grow in all of them.

Growth can deepen or weaken our present beliefs.
Growth can change our focus on life and activities.
Growth may bring in new and cast out the old.
Growth may sustain and confirm what already exists and keep away whatever is unnecessary.
All these are changes because we are changing from the old to new.
Uncertainties gone, certainties came.

Change is a sign of intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. It is not something to be ashamed of; it is something to be proud of. It proclaims that we are growing.

New knowledge leads to different thoughts.
Different thoughts lead to a change in attitude.
New attitude changes our whole life.

Change is not a force upon our life.
Change is a flow; we may join or watch by the river side. If we join the flow we reach new lands. If we stay back, all others go away from us.

Changes make us adaptable.
Only the fittest survives. Species resisted changes extinct. Some others subjected themselves to change and exist. It is the law of nature. It is applicable to all systems in this world – social, political and religious. Only fittest survives.
All species that underwent this natural process of adapting have become new; they have renewed their life.
Renewal is necessary to stay fit.

New species are not supernatural beings dropped from the sky.
They are old species adapted to new circumstances. They are old species that underwent the process of change according to the laws of nature.

Change and stay alive!

Professor Jacob Abraham

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