Saturday, 6 April 2013

On good fruits and bad fruits

Here are some simple facts on good and bad fruits.

1.    Fruits are a sign of maturity. Budding plants are a lovely sight. It is tender and fresh. But everybody wants it to grow; grow into a full grown tree. How can we be sure that the tree has grown? Fruits declare its maturity. No fruits, no purpose in the existence of the tree. Fruits are a sign of maturity. It explains its existence on this earth. It is the purpose of its life.

2.    Good fruits attract others towards it. The tree has freedom to bear good fruits and bad fruits. In fact the tree itself does not declare any fruit as good or bad. Fruits are declared good and bad by others. Fruits are primarily not for the tree, but for others. Beneficiaries of a tree include man, animals, birds and the whole eco system. If they find the fruits useful to them at any level of existence, they call it good. If they find the fruits not useful to them, they declare it bad. The tree has no authority to certify its fruits. Only good fruits attract others to it. Being useful to others is the life purpose of the tree.

3.    Good fruits are the pride of the tree. Bad fruits are a shame to the tree. Good fruits are the beauty of the tree. Bearing good fruits is the happiest moment in its life. The little breeze that flows along is allowed to carry its sweet smell. Let the whole world know that the tree has bore sweet fruits.

4.    Good fruits are the worth of the tree. The tree is worthless without good fruits. A tree with bad fruits or no fruits is good only as firewood. The axe is placed at its roots. A tree with good fruits worth the fruits it bears.

5.    Good fruits reproduce; bad fruits pollute the environment. A canon to measure the goodness of a tree is its capacity for reproduction. Infertility is considered as a curse from the ancient times. Infertility prevents a living system from fulfilling its life’s purpose. A bad fruit cannot reproduce. No reproduction means the death of the species.

6.    Good fruits are eternal. Good fruits reproduce another young sapling. It grows and bears good fruits at its maturity. Again the good fruits reproduce. The cycle goes on to the eternity. Good fruits are not the end but the beginning. It is an important link in the chain of eternity. The tree which has produced good fruits can die in peace dreaming of a hundred new saplings growing. A good fruit is hundred more good trees. It is thousand more good fruits.

Bear good fruits, always, in season and out of season.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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