Wednesday, 17 April 2013

One good thing about worries

There is one good thing about worries – they never happen.

Worry free life is a dream. Lying on a golden beach, bathing in the morning sun rays with a blank mind dreaming of beautiful fairies is a wonderful state.
Even on such a morning, we will be worrying of something, of the sun that rises and goes west, if there is nothing else.
Worries will never end, never disappear. It will remain alive as long as there is the state of future. In heaven there will be no past and future. So there will be no worries. But down on earth we have past and future and so worries.

A solution to worrying is a knowledge beyond human understanding. Worries cause physical and mental problems. Worries obstruct success in life. Worries stop us from moving forward. Worries are enemies of the young and old.

We usually worry about the past and future. Worries about the past and future are different in character.

Memories are our enemies. They are uninvited intruders. They comes to our mind when we least expect them. Their close associate is worry. Worries about the past.

We worry about what we have done and undone in the past. Our present is always overshadowed by the past. We are eating the fruits of yesterdays. So we wish we could do better in the past.
We think of different options laid before us. We worry about what we chose and what we rejected.
Each option offered different effect in the future. Everything around us is the effect of the option we selected.

Worries about the past are not escapism. It is a futile venture to go back into the past to mend it. It is taking responsibility for all present failure. It is regretting the choices of the past.

Past is never repairable. There is no time machine that will take us back to yesterday.
So I prefer to think that whatever I did in the past was the correct thing I could do in that given circumstance. I never have been a fool. I thought and thought before the choice. Circumstances had a great influence on my action. I made the correct choice. There is no regret.
The effect of my past action may not look good now. I have to mend it and reshape it to good. I have today, ample strength and time to mend what is before me. I live today.

Another sphere of worry is the future.
We have not reached there and we are not sure of reaching there. We are only hopeful of reaching the future.
We cannot predict the effect of our present actions in the future. Many good deeds have brought in bad results. What wrong did do Julius Creaser? He was murdered by his close friend.

We cannot shape the future for definite. What we can do is the best in the present situation. And leave rest to future.
We have some proven positive paths before us. Let us travel through them. If you are ready to take risk, travel through less trodden path. After all nothing can guarantee a dream like future.

Live today, is the best slogan. Do the right thing in the given circumstance. Think twice and thrice before you act. Ask your conscious a thousand questions and get answered. Hold on to your decision. And live today.

We cannot do today the right thing of tomorrow. Every action is a cause that will have an effect. For the effect we have to wait for tomorrow. If we have failed, we will have time to mend it.
We have freedom to work today only.
Follow the divine guidance in you to choose the right and reject the wrong.
The effect is the future.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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