Monday, 29 April 2013

Result Oriented Projects

Every project, action or work must be Result Oriented.
Philosophically, all our action is tend to bring a result.  Every cause has an effect.
Scientifically, every action will produce a result.
So all actions have results. Result is a natural outcome of an action.

Result Oriented Projects aim not their natural outcome. They aim the proposed result of an action.
We may call it goal setting or the goal in goal setting. But Result Oriented Projects are bit different in character.

Whatever we do we must expect a result.
There is an Indian philosophy of working for the welfare of human being without expecting any reward. I respect this philosophy. That is why I give my contents over this blog freely to all.

What we discuss in this blog under the title Result Oriented Project is another thing. Let us see some of its characteristics.

1.       Nothing is done without an expectation of a result. Doing an action itself may be the pleasure of it. For example, the reward of creative writing is the pleasure of expression for most of the writes. Even if they receive no other reward, they are happy that they could express themselves. Then, creative writing is not without an expected result, it has an expected result of giving pleasure of expression. So every action of human beings must bear an intended result. Result Oriented Projects are not done for doing sake, but for a result.

2.       In Result Oriented Projects, the result is not a natural outcome of the work, but a pre set result. We decide what result we want to get by finishing the project. We may do something and by natural law, we may get a result. That is not proposed result. That is not Result Oriented project. Result Oriented Projects bear the proposed result.

3.       Proposed results are pre set before the project is started. It is not what may come, it is what should come. It is not what we may get; it is what we should get. It is not figured out as the project progress; the project progresses towards the Proposed result.

4.       Proposed result of a Result Oriented Project is decided before the project is planned and designed. The result decided the project. The project is for the result. The result is the sole aim, not the project. So the project, the nature of the project, the managing of the project, the period of the project and everything connected and concerned with the project is planned after fixing the intended result. Everything is designed for the achievement of the result.

5.       The success of the project is evaluated on the basis of the result. If the project attains the proposed result, the project is a success. Whatever it has fetched other than the proposed result is not success.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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