Friday, 12 April 2013

Success is no war to end all wars

The First World War was proclaimed as a war to end all wars. Those who called in all nations and the youths of the time romanticized it. They dreamed of a peaceful, better world where there will be no wars, no enmity between nations and no poverty.
The war proved to be otherwise. It triggered many more wars and wars still goes on.

We were not that much positive about the Second World War. The Second World War changed the very basics of the world. Poverty, inequality, despotism, totalitarianism, communism, revolutions and all sorts of upheaval arouse.

League of Nations formed after the First World War failed. United Nations Organization is struggling to end all wars.
Today none believes in the old theory of ‘a war to end all wars’. It is only a dream.

In fact, war is a universal and eternal reality in this world.
Wars still goes on, though through different ways, hidden and revealed.

No war ends in success. No war really ends.
War is always followed by another war.
Success must be followed by another success.

Success brings in new challenges.
New challenges are new success.
New success smears the luster of the old one.
Another success makes the old one oblivious.
Then it is as if it never happened.

Success is not an end. It is the beginning of a long journey.
Success makes us aware that we can succeed. The next success tells us that you are an achiever. The third success speaks at our face that we have the ability to conquer the fourth one.

Successful people have no rest. They have sacrificed rest for success. They have bartered rest for success.
New successes or retreat to failure.
No new success is failure. No new horizon is failure. No new land to conquer is the inability to see far.

Success is a mystery that is never revealed. None so far could unravel the mystery of success.
Man wants to live success. So he works hard and harder.

Working hard on this cursed earth for a successful life was the advice of God to man at the Garden of Eden. God might have instilled in man the thirst for success; otherwise man would live a cursed life.

Success is the beginning of the journey. The end is unknown.
It is a mystery that is not revealed to man.
No success is cursed life.

Move forward from success to success.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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