Thursday, 25 April 2013

Survival of the fittest

I am not an admirer of Charles Darwin. I believe that God created the universe. I would like to continue to believe so till I am convinced otherwise.
But I respect the freedom of Darwin and his followers to believe otherwise till they are convinced differently.
I support the creation story and that God created everything with His command, His Word. The process of the creation is unknown to me. I am not sure that the creation was done within the winking of an eye. The process might have taken a longer period. The details of the process are also unknown to me.

Creation happened with God’s command, His Word. The process of creation started with God’s Word and the end result is this beautiful universe with all its living and non living things including man. The process of the creation remains a mystery.

If Darwin is trying t explain the process of creation, I may find some agreeable area.

The theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’ is not a disagreeable thing. It is true and is not new. It is the way man was destined by God to survive in this world. Survival was a question left to man by God.

In the Garden of Eden, survival and success for man as a race, was granted. Success and survival was not the fruit of hard work, but blessings from God.
The life span of man there was put to a condition to keep away from disobedience. After man committed sin through disobedience, God dismissed man from Eden to a cursed land.
But man as a race was not denied success and survival in this land. Success was conditional in the land. The condition was that man had to work hard. God promised hard work its fruit – success.

In Garden of Eden survival and success was blessings from God; in the cursed land it was the fruit of hard work.

Success was linked with hard work by God. God is not against man attaining success.
Thus the survival of the fittest was a principle God attached with man in this land. The land is cursed. Survival was a question left to man. God promised the fruits for hard work.
Since then man is struggling to fit to the land, its weather, its enmity and its friendship. Whenever man goes too far, the land raises a warning note through natural calamities.

After that God never interferes with the survival of man. The principle is laid down. All living and non living things in this universe have to obey; or extinct.

The theory of survival of the fittest is applicable to all spheres of life.
In business, it is the survival of the fittest. In industry the same principle is operating. In studies, in professions and in everyday life the principle of God, ‘survival of the fittest’ is working.

What should we do to survive?

1.       Be  adaptable and flexible
2.       Change is the magic word; because the outside world is always changing.
3.       Improve ourselves – it should be a continuous process.
4.       Co exist; do not fight against – many species have became extinct because of fight within and out.
5.       Maintain our own characteristics – it is maintaining the character of the occupation or the vocation.

Remember, only the fittest survives in this world.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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