Friday, 26 April 2013

The negative force against success

There is something in this world that does not want you to become success. It may be a force, an evil spirit, a racial or human attitude or something else.
Let me call it a force, for convenience sake.

This force is felt always everywhere. It makes the journey to success a hard struggle.
Man is born to succeed, otherwise he cannot sustain. If this is the fact, the journey to success must be an easy one. But we know that the journey to success is the most difficult one in this life.
Why it is so? It is because of this negative force that does not want anyone to succeed.

I am not talking spiritual. I speak with my legs firmly footed on earth.
Fact is always fact. There is something around us all that does not want us to succeed.
It makes the journey to success a struggle.

It is not a struggle to meet both the ends. It is a struggle to achieve success in our life. It is a struggle to be on top of the victorious stand.
It is not a struggle for existence; it is a struggle for a successful life.

The negative force starts operating as soon as we announce our arrival on this earth with our first cry.
It never leaves us.
From there onwards it discourages every move, every speech, and every action. It disapproves all our dreams.

It operates through our parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers and all those who we meet in our everyday life. They speak of the hardships, the impossibilities and all negative circumstances around us.
They draw our attention to the wild nature of our dream.
They advise us to look around and live accordingly.

When advice does not stop us, they will come up with threats: isolation, disapproval, non cooperation, disgust and so on.
They will express their worries about our future because we are heading with a wild dream. They are afraid that we have gone nuts!

There is still a greater medium for the negative force to work against us: our own mind. We feel that some is always warning us not to go on with these dreams.
At every slipped foot, the negative force gathers more power and discourages us with the words: “Did not I tell you…”
These self warnings are the hardest hurdle.

The glad news about all these is that there are thousands around us who have overcome this negative force. We read the stories of many successful people; there are many more whose life story has not reached the news paper.
At this very moment, while you are reading this small note, there is someone in this world who has just defeated this force.
If another can do it, we too can do it.
Defeat it; kill it forever.

Henry Ford had only two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two hands, two legs …
We too have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two hands, two legs ….
There is no superman in this world. There are only ordinary people who have defeated the negative force with persistence and perspiration.

The glad news is that you are the next successful person.

Do not listen to what others around you say about your dream – your dream is yours, not theirs.
Do not look at the raging waves around, look at the finishing point far above.
Do not relay on others for your success, you cannot succeed with the talents of somebody else.
Never stop running, whenever you feel tired, crawl. Still move forward.
Success is not a forbidden fruit; it is a blessing of God. So you have a right to it.
Your success is yours, you are not grabbing from someone else. It is a gift for hard work.

Wishing you all success!

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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