Thursday, 4 April 2013

Two secrets of success

Want to know two secrets of success: they are perspiration and perseverance.
In other words: hard work and persistence.
There is nothing that can replace these two. None has a success story without these two. These two are eternal laws of success.

Talent cannot substitute these essential elements of success. Talent is an inborn quality. It is divine and personal. Nobody can beat the talent of a person. The only way of loss of talent is its wasting away. Many a people with talents live an unsuccessful life because they have taken a way of life that wastes away their talents. Talent alone cannot do any miracle. Talents need both perspiration and perseverance to produce a success. There is nothing more common in this world than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius cannot substitute hard work and persistence. ‘Unrewarded genius’ is almost a proverb. Genius that is bought by the world is a success. Otherwise it remains wasted. It needs customers. The world notices genius only when the person becomes a success. All other times, genius is just insanity. An idle genius is not genius at all. Genius combined with perspiration and perseverance can change the world.

Education alone cannot make you a successful person. Look around the world. The world is full of educated derelicts. Why it is so? Education does not teach its use. Education fills a person with information. It does not supply ideas. Education has no power to channel the talent and genius. Education can make a man genius but cannot direct him to action. Education is a strange weapon without any instruction to use it. Usage of education is something outside of it.

Do talents, genius and education unworthy? No. They are great ingredients of success. But they alone or together cannot make a successful person. A successful person is always called a talented person and a genius. Whatever he pronounce are education for others.

Then what makes a person success? It is persistence and perseverance. It is hard working and persistence. It is ‘doing it for life and never quitting’.
How can we explain hard work? It is hard work, hard work and hard work. No other explanation can be added. No other excuse can be made.
Never give up. Knit your nest like a spider. Again, again and again.
There is no single instance for an unrewarded hard work and persistence.

How long a person must work hard and persevere? This is a question often asked by the beginners. Veterans know the answer.
Till we succeed. 
How long did they dig the wells in the west part of America? Till they found oil in their land.
How long should a miner dig? Till he finds gold in his land.
Success is deposited deep down in your land. Dig it and do it continuously till you find it.

Live a successful life!

Professor Jacob Abraham

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