Monday, 20 May 2013

Conformists are only consumers

Conformists contribute nothing. Only the non conformists contribute to the betterment of human life. It is so in social life, science, philosophy, politics and everywhere.
So the conformists everywhere are only consumers.

Conformists are applauded by politicians and religious leaders as peace loving people. It is not the peace of the conformist they keep but the peace of the political and religious leaders. They are giving a royal way for the leaders to act as they wish.
Conformists are obedient disciples.

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and many others were political leaders, but not conformists. Because they were not conformists, they could contribute to a better life of the people.
Karl Marx was not a conformist, so he contributed a magnificent economic and social theory to the world.
Jesus Christ was not a conformist, so He could offer a way of salvation to all the people in this world.

Conformists never discover or invent anything. Only discoveries and invention can better the life of human beings. Conformists live satisfied with what they get.
They enjoy the mask of peace loving people.
They never think, speak or act different from the conventions of the time. Never goes beyond in search of truth.
They never ask questions, only answer questions. Their answer is always ‘yes’ to all conventional beliefs.

Before Galileo they never thought that the world is global. They had no reason to ask a question to the conventional belief. Whether the world was flat or global, it did not affect their life.

Conformists consider the nonconformist a nuisance to their peaceful life. They always want the status quo to be maintained. They enjoy no ripples in their life.
But they forget the fact that all comforts they enjoy this day are contributions of some nonconformists.

Conformists produce nothing. They contribute no thought, speech or action. They make no change to the present scenario. They do not better or worsen the life.
They enjoy all the contributions of the nonconformists.

Only nonconformists contribute to life.
They think different and hence contribute a different thought.
They speak different and hence they contribute a different speech.
They act different and hence they contribute a different action.

Nonconformists ask questions which are never answered by conformists. So the nonconformists go in search of the truth. They ask why? How? When?
And they come out with a new philosophy, new political and economic theories, new discoveries and new inventions.
The thoughts, speech and action of nonconformists contribute a new thing to the world. Their new contributions better the life of human beings.

Non conformists contribute to the betterment of life.
Conformists are only consumers of it.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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