Saturday, 11 May 2013

Creativity is a mystery

Creativity is a mystery.
None knows where it comes from and where it goes. It is like the wind. It comes and goes without any pre intimation. It blows and blows away.
None can stop it on the way. None can store it for another occasion. It comes your way whether you use it or not, it goes its way. It is a passerby.
Every creative artist has to utilize creativity as it blows his way.

At occasions, I write two or three and even four beautiful blogs within 24 hours time span. At other occasions, I have to plead and plead to creativity to enable me to write a single sentence.

Creativity is inconsistent in supply. It comes with a bag full of thoughts and images; and at another occasion it carries only a small stocking with some broken images and disconnected thoughts.
For those who rely of creative intuition to write, the thin stocking is distressing.

I have a mind full of thoughts. They lie here and there broken and in pieces. I want to bring them together and express them in words.
The pain I bear from holding my thoughts in my mind without expressing is indescribable. It is suffocating. I want to shout to the world that I have something to tell them.
But I cannot express any of my thoughts without a creative intuition. I happened to be a creative writer.
I wish if I were only an intellectual exerciser!

Unexpressed and unformulated thought is pain. The strange thing with it is that it needs the fabrication of creativity to express them. Until it is formulated with the aid of creativity it does not acquire a shape. Thoughts are powerful. It is intense. It is demanding. But without creativity it is shapeless.

A thought expressed without creative intuition is in liquid form. As soon as we pour it out, it just spreads like water, flows this way and that and flows out. It conveys no message.

What is creativity? It is the bond between the broken pieces of thoughts and images. It is the beauty of thoughts. It is the colour and shape of thoughts. It is the guide for the reader to go though thoughts expressed by the writer.

A creative writer is always under the pain of giving birth. Something always throbs inside him to get out. He wants to release it. But it does not go out without creative intuition.

Creativity cannot be created; it can be destroyed. Creativity cannot be found out; it can be ignored.
It is the mystery of art; something that makes art itself a mystery.

Creative writing, like all other art, is a mystery. 

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Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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