Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Democracy is not always the correct

Democracy is a beautiful system of governance. It has gone beyond ruling nations to settling all disputes among men. It has a role in large and small social groups and even in families.
No other governing system has got a wider currency. Even those who love and cherish Kingship do not compromise on democracy.

But democracy has a big problem.
It is not always the correct.

Democracy was started, as it is taught in schools, in Greece. The number of ‘free citizens’ were small and so all of them gathered together to discuss and decide on matters of dispute.
Greece was the wisest place in ancient time. It was a place of philosophers. They had the magnanimity to listen to every philosophical, religious or economic theory. Anybody from any nation could present his arguments before the elite group of the nation. The citizens had freedom to accept or reject them. They respected intellectual and emotional freedom.

So democracy as a ruling system was inherent in the social thinking of Greece. As a governing system it might have evolved gradually and accepted by them for the nation after many discussions. That makes it the best of its kind in the world.

Christianity supports democracy. Though the basic teaching of Christianity contains the Kingship of God, it has granted free will to all human being. Christianity does not differentiate people on the basis of race, color, education, wealth or sex. Before the true Christian faith, all human beings are equal. So the idea of a Kingship by man is against the basic teachings of Christianity. No man is better than the other and so none should take the privilege to rule others.
The spread of Christianity might have encouraged democracy to a great extent.

Man cannot create anything perfect. Everything created by man has two sides – positive and negative.
The negative face of democracy is that it is not always correct.

Democracy is simply the wish of the majority of people in a society. That society may be large like a nation or small like a family.
None can assure that the wishes and decisions of the majority of people in number is always the correct.

Ignorant people may express their opinion and take decision on superstitious beliefs and practices. But how can they discuss to the correct decision on modern technology or scientific progress. 
A tribal group in the remote African continent may discuss the social issues around them, but never can discuss the fear of terrorism as the world face today. Can they take decisions of economic reforms that will lift the country to the next level?

So democracy is not a success among ignorant people.  A benevolent King who is experienced with the knowledge of ancients is best for them. An outside world can easily communicate with him than with the ignorant social group.

Democracy is the privileged system for an educated society.
But even they tend to make mistakes.
We cannot assure that an educated society always take the right decision.
Education leads to light with an awareness of the intensity of darkness.
Education educates men about the free will.
Hence all decisions of man cannot be the right one.

Democracy is only the rule of the majority, not the rule of the correct.
Decisions of democracy may go wrong.
Democracy may lead to disastrous decisions and after effects.

Still I love democracy.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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