Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ebb and flow of life

It is really distressing that life has so many up and downs. I would dream of a life that goes up always.
But real life is different.

The great patriotic business man of India, Mr. Ratan Tata has once remarked that a straight line denotes death even in an ECG report.
How true he is. Life must go up and down.

The ebb and flow of the sea waves have a story to tell.

1.       The ebb and flow in a sea does not affect the quantity and the quality of the sea water.
2.       Both are caused by the effect on the sea by an outer agency, the moon.
3.       The success of the sea is not affected by neither the ebb nor by the tide.
4.       None evaluates the success of the sea according to the ebb and flow.
5.       An ebb assures that there will be a flow and vice versa.

Some of my motivational seminars are packed with a crowd. The next meeting may not attract a crowd. I have met thin crowd in spite of elaborate advertisements and other efforts. It puzzled me a lot of time. I have run out of course materials; I have carried back the huge bulk of course materials after some meetings.

I have seen success immediately followed by a dim light. I do not hide my wonder at this phenomenon. But I understand that life is always like this.

Some used to advise me that ‘life should be like this’ – ebb and flow must be there. Otherwise life will look monotonous.
Let me tell you frankly that I do not agree with this theory. Change is the spice of life. That I agree. Change makes life moving. It keeps life fresh.
But change does not mean that it must be a continuous up and down. It can be an ‘up’ to another ‘up’.

Still there are many things in this life that is beyond my control and wish. Life never goes on a straight line, even if it goes always up. Nothing happens in this world in a monotonous straight line.

No country can claim of a permanent weather. Even countries that claim moderate climate face unexpected horrid situations.
My state, Kerala (India) is well known for its moderate climate. But for the last few years, we are threatened by a forecast that the state may turn into a desert in future. How can it be? It is impossible. But science says that it may be the future. Kerala was a land of rivers, streams, ponds, greeneries, birds and animals. It is getting hot every year now. Will it happen?

No country claims a permanent status of economy. No family can claim a comfortable economic status though out its existence in this land, generation after generations.
Many animals, birds and fishes have become extinct.
There seems an unseen law in this earth that works constantly to change everything. Permanency may be a danger to the existence of this Universe.

Change is not always a downward journey and not always an upward progress. It is a wave like movement. It is life. It is the sign of life.

So I feel that my amazement at the ebb and flow of life is unnecessary. It may be meaningful, but not rewarding.  It is better to travel up and down with life.

The other day I was standing on the Alleppuzha beach. (Allappuzha - a beach in Kerala, India). There were no great athletes skating on the waves. There I saw boys of the nearby area playing in the sea water. They were not afraid of high waves. Rather they were thrilled at the occasion. I saw them lifted above and brought down by the waves.
I caught the magic.
Why stand amazed at the ebb and flow. Allow it to lift me up and bring me down. It is fun. Why resist something that I cannot stop? Enjoy the feast.

Be careful not to be carried away by the waves.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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