Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Forgive but never forget

When it comes to past, my advice is to ‘forgive and never forget.’
I am not the first one to decree this principle. The Japanese people formulated this principle for their struggle to success. They have forgiven USA for the holocaust of Nuclear Bombs but they will never forget the incident.
Both forgiving and not forgetting are necessary ingredients of success.

The principle is applied to life when we are tortured and cheated by our friends. We expect an enemy to cheats or torture us. There is no forgiving and forgetting; we cannot expect anything else from enemies.
But we do not expect our friends to cheat us.

Was USA a friend of Japan during the World War II? No. They were in enemy camps fighting the war. But Japan never expected such an inhuman attack from USA. I am not sure about it; sometimes even America might not have perceived such a huge holocaust. It was the first time any country using a nuclear weapon.

Then what do Japanese say? (If it was said by Japanese.) Or let the principle be formulated by someone else.
What does it mean?

Failure may have a multiple reason. The reason may vary from our own poor judgment to an enemy’s/friend’s conspiracy. Whatever may be the reason for the failure, this principle of ‘forgive and forget not’ is applicable.

When you fall headlong into failure, please remember:

1.       Do not remain there crying for help – try to stand yourselves up and stop crying.
2.       Take a while to analyze the reason for the failure – why I failed?
3.       Walk forward – to new horizons.
4.       Forgive – a bitter conscious is a hindrance to move forward to success. Bitterness will hinder your vision.
5.       Never forget what you have learned from the experience.

How shall you forgive? It is not just making some statements here and there that you have forgiven your untrustworthy friend or enemy. It must be a conscious effort.

1.       Take time to sit alone in a private place.
2.       Close your eyes
3.       Recollect everything that has happened – how you believed people or things or occasions etc. – how you trusted – how you failed – why you failed?
4.       The failure might have caused by an untrustworthy friend or an enemy – bring his image to your mind.
5.       Talk to him – tell him that you forgive him - though he has done wrong to you, you forgive – because you have new horizons to conquer.
6.       Do not curse, do not speak bad words – be kind and tell him (to the image of your friend or enemy in your mind) that he might have done it out of sheer ignorance of the principles of success. You know better and are destined to succeed.
7.       Forget him – throw away the image from your mind. Wipe away all remembrance of him. Trash all the gifts and novelties received from him that may bring back bitter memories.
8.       Only the lesson that you learned from this experience precipitates. Pick it up. It is a treasure for you. It is a precious pearl. It will act as a guide to you in your future. It is precious than whatever you have gained so far.
9.       In future, take up this precious pearl occasionally to remember the lesson. It will help you never to fall into the same pit again.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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