Sunday, 12 May 2013

God and religions

I believe in God. But I do not believe in religion.

For me God is a real personality. He exists. He is felt and experienced.
Whether we talk about the existence of God or about the non existence of God, we are talking about God.
Man cannot live without God. Life is miserable without Him. That is the sense in the existence of God.
I mean the Almighty One, the only One.

There are many scriptures in this world that claim to lead us to the presence of God. I respect all of them, though I have different opinion than many of them.
None of these scriptures ever claims to have established a religion. We have no scriptural basis that God established any religion.

Religions are created and established by men. Religions are institutions for the convenience of man, not of God. If the concept of God that He is Almighty, Omnipotent and Omnipresent are true, He need no religion to exist and work.

God conveyed a way of life through the scripture. Men are instructed to follow the way of life that pleases God. Since God is not a despotic tyrant, He gave freedom of choice to man. Man may live according to these principles of God as detailed in the scripture or reject all of them. The acceptance or rejection of men does not affect the character and existence of God.

Man institutionalized the belief in God. He transformed the way of life as shown by God into institutions. Man appointed presidents, secretary, board of directors etc.
Institutions appear the most covetous thing at the beginning. But all institutions in this world have a demerit like all other creations of man. It deteriorates and corrupt.
The same problems happened to religions also. It deteriorated and corrupted.

Thus religions today stand corrupted. Only God exists incorrupt.
Today, religions have turned to be centers of exploitation.
Religions strive to increase the number of its followers, not the followers of God.
Religions lead men to itself not to God.
Religions claim exclusiveness, where as God never claimed any for he need not claim it.

Religion is the only institution that never cares for its own sheep. No religion in this world stands for the lower middle class and the lower class of people among its followers. Welfare of its own sheep is entrusted to the Government and religions go adding more followers.
Often I have thought for whom these religions exist for. Surely not for God, for God need none.

God is not a religion. No religion can claim Him. God belong to the whole humanity.
No man needs the mediation of any religion to approach God.
A personal relation with God is available to all men without religions.
God prefers relationship without mediation.

If God has not established any religion, why we follow them?
If not from God, from where have these religions got the right to dictate laws to men?
Why we allow these manmade religions to control our life to a worse condition?

We may ask many questions, and still follow a religion blindly.

What conclusion do we reach? You may reach on any conclusion you like. You have God given free will.

I believe in God. I do not believe in religions.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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