Friday, 3 May 2013

How do I write blogs

I have written and published more than 130 blogs now.
Writing blog is a creative work for me.
I look at writing blogs not as a recreation entertainment. It is not a scribbling of words.
My blogs are powerful expressions of my intense desire to better your life.

Recently I have received some invitation to participate in blog writing competitions. I appreciate those endeavors, but I could not join them. No creative writing can be done according to a shopping list. No set rules and regulations can be accepted. No formulas can be maintained.

Writing is an expression of personality, not an intellectual exercise.
Writing thesis, writing seminar papers, writing book reviews etc. are intellectual activities. It is a product made for an order.
I cannot write in such a fashion. For me writing is an expression of my personality.

No subject is pre decided for writing on such and such day. I do not write every day. For many days, I have laid on my bed, looking straight at the white roof above, the rotating ceiling fan and wondered what I should write next. I have spent days and nights wishing to write but with nothing to expresses.

Writing is a spontaneous activity. It is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. Yes, Wordsworth was right when he said it. It is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.
I do not recollect, but I collect them. I collect my thoughts from all my experiences in life. I go through all my past days, from birth to this day. I repeat this journey whenever I run short of thoughts.

What I write is what I have learned from my life. What I am convinced. What I have the courage to speak loud. They are from my life. They are flowing spontaneously.

I like to add perspiration to spontaneous overflow.
Writing is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling expressed through perspiration.
I do not let loose my thoughts before the readers. I read my thoughts while they are in my mind. I have many bitter experiences in my life, many pleasant experiences too. All of them have precipitated many thoughts in my mind. Some of them are trash. Some of them are useful for me to live a better life, but not for others. Some others are positive thoughts for better living. I mean good for others. I express them. I let them flow spontaneously. All other thoughts and ideas are kept chained in my mind for a reformation. New and more experiences in life will exercise reformation on them.

The criterion for expression of thoughts is a simple question asked to it: “Is this a positive thought for a better living?” If yes, let it flow. If no, hide it till it reforms.

I am not ashamed of my thoughts. I am not ashamed of my positive and negative thoughts. All thoughts are not an intentional purchase by me. They are what my life deposited my mind.

Why I add perspiration to spontaneous overflow? Perspiration is necessary to analyze every thought before it is expressed. I am not a careless writer. I am not a motiveless writer.
I believe in result oriented works. Writing too is a result oriented work for me. I perspire for a better result.

I want to better this world.
So I speak of God. (So I do not speak of religion)
I speak of transformation of human mind.
I speak of endurance, perseverance and persistence.
I encourage the weak, support the stumble and lift the defeated.
I believe that man is born to succeed and every man has the ability to succeed.
I speak of …..
I speak of …..          I have been speaking through my blogs. I shall continue to do so.

Let us meet again and again and discuss this conundrum called life.

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Professor Jacob Abraham

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