Sunday, 19 May 2013

Life is a continuous error correction.

How many mistakes have we made so far in our life? How many are we going to make in future?
Errors are constant followers of our life.

Errors happen as we think, speak and act. So the only way to avoid errors is not to think, speak and act. But that is not life.
Reclusion is not living. It is escaping from the struggle to overcome failures.
We are not to run away from errors, but to overcome them.

Errors are like humps on the roads. However careful we are, we are to drive over to go forward. If we are careful, it will not cause any damage. If we are a reckless rash driver, jumping over the hump will be dangerous.
Whatever be the case, we have to run over it to move forward.

There is no life without errors. So we have accepted the dictum ‘to error is human’. There is always a provision for error correction.
The presidents of nations may think, speak and act erroneously. But if they accept the error and decide to correct it, the citizens of the nation forgive them. The President is human.

The walk of a person is a balancing act. It is not an act of expertise. Look at those who walk on the ramp during fashion shows. They walk in an unusual way called ‘moon walk’. Is it an expertise or balancing act?
Even the usual walk of people is a balancing act. If we miss the balance, off we fall.

Life is a balancing act. If we miss the balance we are to error. Life is a balancing act between the correct and the incorrect.
There is nothing like an error free life.

The tragedy is that until we think, we cannot know whether it is correct or error.
Until we speak, none can say that it is correct or error.
Until we act, it does not become correct or error.

We think to think the correct; we speak to speak the correct; we act to act the correct. But there is always something that makes some of our thoughts, speech and action erroneous.

An error is only an unfit for a particular situation. It may not be an error always and everywhere. As everything in this world is relative, error is also relative. An error in one situation may be correct in another.
There is no permanent error or correct in life.

No one commits errors for the sake of doing an error. None sins for sinning. It proved an error after we did it with a good intention.
So errors of the past were the correct of that time and situation. We did it with good intention. Somewhere, somehow we missed the mark.

All arrows of a hunter will not hit the mark. Some are destined to miss the mark.

If we have done an action in the past with a good intention, let it not be an error for us. We did right.
Let us console us with this thought and move forward to think new, speak new and act new.

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