Thursday, 23 May 2013

Life without a vision is death

What motivates us to live? The right answer is ‘tomorrow’.
How? We have a bright dream for tomorrow. We have dream to fulfill tomorrow.
What motivates us to live? It is dreams.
Dreams are not what we see in your sleep. They are unsubstantial. Dreams are what you see while we are wide awake. Such dreams are called vision.
We have a vision of life yet to fulfill. Hence we live.

Can we fulfill the vision tomorrow? It is the mystery of tomorrow. We cannot unravel tomorrow by standing on today. If we want to know what the mystery of tomorrow holds for us, we have to walk into it. So we sleep peacefully to wake up into the mystery of the next day.

Are we frustrated to find the new day as same as yesterday?
Realize the fact that every race is won step by step. One step cannot take you to the finishing point. None hesitate to put speedy steps in a race just because one step cannot reach the finishing line.
We are not putting meaningless or purposeless steps; we are adding steps to steps. We are nearing the finishing line.
Each day is taking us more near to the fulfillment of our vision.

Tomorrow will do one positive thing for us, even if it fails to fulfill our vision. It will take us one day more near to the fulfillment of our dream.
Move on; there is no other way.
Move to tomorrow; there is no other way.

Without a dream, life is not. It is death. Dead people do not see dreams. They have no more dreams to fulfill. They have left all their dreams to the living.
A life without a dream is death. It is nor living. It is only a long wait for a decent burial.
A man without a dream is not a living organism. He is a walking corpse.

Dreams make life worth living. Everybody living has a dream. It may be small like the well being of his family. It may be large like the liberation of the whole human from a deadly disease. It may wide and deep like that of Jesus Christ who offered a way of salvation to the whole mankind.
Whether small or large dream are the life of the living.

Do not stop dreaming.
I recommend not just dreams, but vision.
Vision is transformed dream. Vision is the life purpose. We are born and living for the fulfillment of vision.
Unless we fulfill the vision of our life, we die a failure.

Without vision we lead a meaningless life, a purposeless life. We are only a burden to this earth. We are a corpse that waiting for a decent funeral.

With vision we are living an important life. Our life is important not only to us and our family but to the whole humanity.
The universe will stand to sustain our life.

Have a dream. Transform it to your vision. Live a life sustained by the universe.

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