Monday, 20 May 2013

No sinking ship can be saved

Think about a sinking boat.
As soon as the captain knows that his boat is sinking, he orders his crew to try their best to save it. They come up with all their expertise to save the ship.
It is not the ship alone that sinks: the ship, people in it and all the valuables in it. The cost of the ship must be measured by the value of the ship, people and materials.
When we consider the prospect of future benefits once the ship reaches the shore, the loss is more than the double of the above assessment.
So a sinking ship must be saved.

The captain and the crew are responsible for the damage that has happened to the ship. They may blame it on bad manufacture or on the bad weather. But the captain and the crew cannot evade their responsibility.  They are responsible for the wellness of the ship and the illness of the ship.
In their hands is the ship and everything in it. They are responsible for the hundreds of life and the valuable materials in the ship.

It is their duty to save the sinking ship. They cannot remain silent and watch everything goes down. So they start the work to save the ship.

There are many occasions where all their expertise fails to save the ship. All their efforts go in vain. The captain finally admits that the ship is sinking and he can do no more to save it.

We are talking about the ship in this condition of sinking; the ship that is finally declared by the captain that it is sinking.
It is a sinking ship.

But what if the captain’s ego does not allow him to declare that the ship is sinking in spite of all his efforts to save it?
It comes to the travelers to realize that the ship is sinking. Wise travelers can realize the situation from the beginning itself. Do not run panic as soon as you realize that the ship is sinking. Give the captain and the crew some time to fix it. If you can help them with your talent and expertise, offer your help to fix the problem.
You must be wise enough to realize the fact about the situation. If the ship can be saved, save it at all cost. Saving the ship is preferred than all other options. But if the ship is really sinking and you cannot save it, realize it, admit it and declare it. It saves you and hundreds of life.

We are discussing ships at this condition- ships which are finally declared that they are sinking. None can save it any more.

Now you have two options. There are only two options, not a third one.

1.       Sink with the ship
2.       Escape from the sinking ship.

I prefer the second option – escape from the sinking ship.
It is not cowardice. A coward cannot escape from a sinking ship. It needs courage to jump out of the ship into the roaring sea. If you are lucky, you may get a life boat, otherwise, jump into the sea.
This is your only option to save your life.

There is risk in escaping from the ship. There is a higher risk in staying in the ship. The ship is sinking. None can save it.

Jump into the sea. The roaring sea may consume you. You may sink in the ocean beside the ship.
But this is the only option that offers a ray of hope. There is a chance that you may swim to land. Sometimes, you may be found by another ship or plane. Some fisherman may find you.
None of these can save a sinking ship. They can save a struggling person.

A sinking ship cannot be saved. A struggle man can be saved.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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