Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sustainable wealth

Sustainable wealth is that sustained through happy and ill days passed from generation to generation.
Wealth is not richness. Wealth is not money alone.
Wealth is richness added with perspiration and time. Time is an associate of perspiration or hard work. Perspiration need quality time spent.
Thus wealth is richness and perspiration or hard work.
Wealth has an important part of a man. Wealth contains the man himself.

Richness is just money. It is money made somehow. Richness demands no perspiration. Hence it is not sustainable wealth.
Richness may not pass from generation to generation. Richness has no permanency.
So rich people lives in constant fear of losing it. Rich people are anxious of the future.
Richness does not contain its master. It has no personal relationship with the master.

Wealth has an individuality of a person. It has an attachment to its creator. So it cannot leave the master. In a sense, it cannot leave the master at any circumstances because it contains the master himself.
Wealth is a faithful slave saved by the master and hence it works always for the master to increase itself. Wealth increases even while the master sleeps and is away.

Wealth is not created by lucky. Luck is not the secret of wealth. Luck may bring richness not wealth. Luck does not contain hard work. Luck does not contain the individuality of the master. Luck is a passerby that favors one at a time and another at another time. It is not a faithful ally and hence richness granted by luck is not a faithful servant.

There no story of any man created wealth out of the money he got from a lucky draw.  There are many lottery draws conducted worldwide. People are declared lucky to get the first prize. Where have they gone with all the money of the first prize?
Luckt has only a short story to tell. Everything happened unexpectedly and immediately.

Look at the wealthiest persons in this world. They have a story of perspiration or hard work to tell. They all agree that their wealth contains a part of themselves. Their wealth contains the hard work, despair, humiliation, frustration and all sorts of struggles in life. Wealth is a reward for their hard work and perseverance against failures, humiliation and frustration.
Wealth has a long story to tell. Wealth was not created unexpectedly or immediately. It was created little by little by a long time. It is a grain added to another to fill the granary.

Wealth is richness mixed with hard work.
The sustainable part of wealth is perspiration. Money comes the second only.
Wealth belongs to its master and has a personal relation with the master.
It cannot run away even if it gets a chance. It is its master’s.

Sustainable wealth is richness that contains perspiration.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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