Thursday, 16 May 2013

Temptations are enemies to success

Temptations are temporary distractions.
Failures are temporary disturbances.
Both are enemies to success.

Failures, if accepted will ruin your race to success.
Temptations, if fallen into, will ruin our whole success.

Temptations come in different disguise.
They are:

1.       Comfort zone – a complacency. We have won enough. We have gone so far. We tend to look back and see the plenty of wealth and fame. We are tempted to believe that this is what we need for the whole of our life. We falsely believe that this success will remain forever.
Do not forget that a cleverer person is running after you the same race to break all former record. He will overcome you soon. Everything you have won so far will be only trash and worthless compared to his achievements.
So continue the race with more vigor. Success is not a permanent state; it is only a struggle to conquer more.

2.       Short term goals appear like the final achievement.
We need a clear plan of success race. Put in down on paper. We must have a good understanding of our short term goals and the long term goal.
It is not wrong to set short term goals.
Short term goals are lesser goals that we grab while we run the long race. It is small achievements on the way. We may grab them or miss them. Grabbing will encourage us. Missing may disturb us temporarily; but should not stop us from the race.

3.       Distraction to pleasures and possessions. The race of success is not a pleasure. The aim of success is not pleasure or possessions. Possessions are not success. A pleasure life is not success. Success is success; nothing else. Success is the fulfillment of vision. Success is the fulfillment of the purpose of life.
Success is not measure by pleasure or possessions. Great heroes of this world were not leading a pleasurable life. They did not amass wealth. Yet they were successful people. Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincolon, Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates etc. are all considered as successful people.
Distraction of pleasure and possession has thrown away many from the right track.

4.       Short cuts are dangerous. All races should be run through the right track. Success is not a 100 meter race. It is a Marathon race. We may have been running for miles without reaching success. The only option is to continue through the right track. Short cuts may tempt us. But it will not lead us to the finishing line. We may miss the laurel.
There is no short cut to success.

5.       Do not play foul. Race has its own rules. The race of success has its own rules. It can never be achieved through foul playing. One may amass possessions through foul means. But that is not success. The real success is declared by success itself. Nothing should cry, ‘foul’ as you stand on the victory stand.
True success is the reward for perseverance and perspiration.
Only true success is counted by time.

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