Friday, 17 May 2013

Why do people misunderstand me?

People go on misunderstanding me. However I try to explain, be plain and candid, they continue to misunderstand me. It has puzzled me often.

I do not know how to be more ‘clear’ or to be more ‘simple’. I am simple, leading a simple life. Simplicity is my life style. My life style is never called pompous by anyone so far.
I use plain language, everyday language to express my everyday thoughts.
I am not a student of Socrates, Plato, Kent or Nietzsche.
I am a simple ordinary man born and brought up in a remote village in India.

I studied in a village school with thatched roof and bare brick walls. I was taught by teachers who thought like other villagers.
My higher studies were done in colleges of no exceptional reputation.
I was never influenced by the thoughts of any one of my teachers because they never thought different. Rather I was asked to confirm with the convention of the society by my teachers.

I have been working in a small college in a remote hilly area teaching below average students. None of my authorities and colleagues inspired me to think different.
I am spending my life in a small village like town in India, quite peaceful life.
I love my family and am caring for them.

I read the same newspaper as others; watch the same television channels. I shop from the same supermarket; share the same road, travel in a small vehicle.
I am not rich, nor poor. I am neither jealous nor over ambitious.
I never poke into other’s life.

Still I have been misunderstood at many occasions.

I know one thing about my life that is different from others.
I think for myself. I have not submitted my brain to someone else to fill it with their thoughts. My brain is mine. I have freedom to keep it with me, unyielding.

I think different!
Since I think different I speak different and act different. I cannot but think, speak and act different.

I used to tell others: I think different – that is no harm to you.
Do not give me an occasion to speak – I will not speak different.
I always take care that none of my action interfere your life. So leave my actions to myself.

Iago, the villain in Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’ said at one occasion that he disliked the hero Othello because of the ‘daily beauty of his life’. That was not the fault of Othello.

I am aware that I am flying higher and ahead of others. I am flying at least 40 years ahead of others. It would have been a comfortable existence if I was born 40 or more years late. But this is not my fault.
I tried to carry others along with me in this flight. But none comes up.

So the views on life with me are different from others. My life style is different. My approaches are different.
I cannot act otherwise.
Forgive me if it annoys you.

I am different. Hence I have been misunderstood my others always.
I am different. I am proud of it.

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