Monday, 3 June 2013

Angels are bright still

“Angels are bright still. Though the brightest fell.”
This is a beautiful line from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. (Macbeth, Act iv,iii)
These lines refers to an incident happened in an age prior to The Bible. Milton has shed some light on the incident in his Paradise Lost.
As far as the details we get from The Bible and Milton’s epic the story goes like this.

Lucifer who is otherwise known as Satan was the brightest angel in Heaven. He was a musician and might be the worship leader in Heaven. He was the most handsome angel and the richest angel in Heaven. He was adorned with precious stones and precious metals. The very movements of his wings produced beautiful music. He surely might have been so dear to God and respected among all other angels.

Tragedy befell as his ambition overwhelmed and he wished to conquer the throne of God. He had his own followers among the angels. He was eloquent so he could amass a considerable support for his cause and declared rebellion and war against God.
So God punished Lucifer and his friends, chased them out of Heaven. They were eternally damned to be somewhere outside Heaven. Hell was created as the asylum for Lucifer and his followers.
They are called the fallen angels.

Lucifer and the angels were defeated with a new weapon God invented. God invented thunder and lightning. He used thunder and lightning against Lucifer. Imagine the effect of it on the handsome Lucifer.
Lucifer lost all his beauty, fairness and richness. He lost his music. He was darkened black.

Thus fell the brightest angel from Heaven.

The fall of Lucifer is indeed a sad thing. He was such a successful angel on the top of the pyramid only second to God. By a wrong decision he fell to such a pathetic state.

The fall of men from great capacities is a sad thing indeed. They might have fallen because of their own wrong decisions or act. Still the fall from the hight is shocking.

Every defeat is shocking, frustrating and desperate. It creates a sense of loss. Since no man can guarantee a life without error, defeats create an air of hopelessness.
We are tend to ask ourselves, if such a great man fails in his life, what will happen to ordinary people like us?

Shakespeare does not leave us in the darkness of frustration. He strikes a ray of hope.
Shakespeare realistically agrees that the brightest angel indeed fell.
The hope is that there are still more bright angels in Heaven.

Some men or women might have fallen from the summit of success. A wrong decision, a weak disposition, over confidence, arrogance or some other reason has caused the fall. The fall is shocking.  
Let us be realistic and confess that the fall of some great luminaries has sent a chilling wave into our nerve.

The hope is that, there are many more successful people still going forward conquering new horizons. We are running not to fail.

The brightest has fallen, but there are more bright angels.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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