Thursday, 6 June 2013

Attitude towards enemies

What is our attitude towards our enemies?
I mean, what is our main concern, the destruction of the enemy or our prosperity?
Both may be our concerns. But what is our main concern?

Let us take a situation.
He was our honest friend whom we trusted over our life and expected to be our life supporting friend. We thought that until death we will not part.
Unexpectedly without any provocation from our part, he turned against us. He might have misunderstood some of our intentions. Or he might have stumbled upon some fanciful idea to turn against us for a gain. On his way to his own new fancy, he left us and created all sort of mental and physical torture to us.
He might have gained something from his new move or he might have got lost.

What concerns us first is the loss and damages came over our life. Our reputation marred, we suffered financial loss, time wasted, peace left us and we had to go through a number of sleepless life.
It took so many months and perhaps years to regain what we lost.
The greatest damage happened to us is the loss of faith in human beings.
And all these and more happened because of our new enemy.

Our natural response is a wish for revenge. Since we are a law abiding citizen, we do not take the law into our hands. So we wait to see punishment falling on him. Only destruction of our enemy can console our wounded heart.
Every day we wake up to hear his destruction. Every talk ends with a wish or his fall. All news of his setbacks is a joy to our soul. We go to sleep sad because our new enemy is still alive and healthy.

What is our main concern: the destruction of our enemy or our own prosperity?

For me it is my prosperity. I do not care what happens to my enemy.
It he prospers in his new venture let it do well for him. If he fails in his new adventure, it is up to him. His prosperity or fall does not affect my life in any manner.
When he was my friend, everything happened in his life affected me too. Since he becomes my enemy, his life is no longer related to me.

His ill fortune does not affect my life. His fall is his own and it does not better my life. His failures are no more related to me. Punishments that fall upon him do me no good.
Nothing in his life is going to better my life.
Then why should I wish for his destruction.
I would rather think about ways to better my life.

Instead of waiting for the destruction of our enemy, let us work hard to rebuild our life. We are not the first in this world to get cheated by treacherous friends. We are not the last.
The punishment on the enemy has never done any good to the victim of treachery.
Only the prosperity in our life can better our life.

So let us spend all the rest of our time to rebuild our damaged life. Let us be concerned only about our prosperity. Our prosperity affects our life. Only it can better our life.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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