Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Changing to new heights

I have noticed it more than once.
Small children refuse to accept changes. They cry if they are taken to strange places. Changing houses is intolerable for them. They yell to express their protest. It may take weeks for them to adjust and accommodate with new circumstances.

Adults too feel the inconvenience and discomfort of changes.
I am living in my fifth house in addition to my parental house. Changing house is now a nightmare for me. It is such a difficult task. Still I am planning to change my residence once again to another house in a city.
Change is painful, discomfort, inconvenient and the most unwanted happening in life.

Still change is necessary.
No progress is possible without change.

How adults face changes?
As I narrated above children yell out their protest. They try hard to retreat to the old position. They cry until the new circumstance becomes everyday life.

Adults agree that change is tough. But they do not yell or protest.
They know that:

1.       Change is unavoidable since life is not an immovable vehicle. So there is no sense in resisting or protesting.
2.       Change indeed is discomforting. Change is always like that. Change includes giving up comforts.
3.       Change is the only possible means to better the life. Change is quitting the present situation and moving into a different one.
4.       Change is risk. Change is always a move into an inexperienced realm. We have not heard, or known or experienced what wait for us there. We make some calculations and move with a positive expectation. At the same time change contains a lot of uncertainty. The situation may help us to prosper or everything may turn the reverse.
5.       Every change is a precursor to another change that follows. Permanency never leads to any change. Permanency is not a way; it is the end of a path. Change is a way that leads to another change. Permanency keeps you firm in your present situation while change takes you to new heavens. Permanency is finite; change is infinite.

Adults feel the pain of change.
They face the reality of change. They acknowledge all inconveniences as a part of change. They are realistic.
So they accommodate change into their life. They turn the discomforts to comforts. They make new habits to go along with the change.
They give up old habits, life styles, likes and dislikes in a positive manner.

Adults know that only change can lift them to new heights.

Professor Jacob Abraham    

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