Monday, 3 June 2013

Incubate your thoughts

Incubator, according to the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary is ‘a container that has controlled air and temperature conditions in which a weak or premature baby can be kept alive.’
The word has another meaning in relation to birds. It also is ‘a device for keeping birds' eggs at the correct temperature to allow young birds to develop until they break out of the shell.’
Let us generalize the sense of the word as a device that can control air and temperature in which any premature living creature can be kept alive until it fully develops.

Incubate is the verbal form of the word. The same dictionary defines this verb as, ‘When a bird, etc. incubates its eggs, it keeps them warm until the young come out, and when eggs incubate, they develop to the stage at which the young come out.’
Hence incubate is the process in which the living creature is kept warm throughout the developing stage until the full grown young come out.

‘Incubate our thoughts’ is the process in which our new thoughts, ideas, dreams and the like are kept in a container that can control certain conditions, keeps it warm and alive until is full grown to come out.

 Every new thought is a premature baby.
The characteristics of a premature baby are:

1.       Immature
2.       Prone to infections
3.       Survival is at risk
4.       Need a specified period for full growth.
5.       Need special care till it reach the full grown stage.

Innovative ideas are not impulses of a moment. The birth of an innovative idea may be from an impulse or sudden thought or a dream. Impulses and flashing thoughts are only premature babies that need to be placed in an incubator.

No sudden thoughts should be presented as an innovative idea. Every new thought must go through a process of transformation into an innovative idea.
Like the sun rays, moonshines, rain and heat transforms the nature and man, every thought is to be transformed by lessons learnt in the life. Expose every new thought to lessons learnt from both victories and failures. Let the experiences and lessons from the past life to work upon the thought and transform it into an innovative idea.

No new thoughts must be announced at the rooftop before it is transformed by time and experience. It needs to be sharpened, cut, chiseled and polished like a diamond.
This transformation demands:

1.       Patience
2.       Willingness to accept transformations
3.       nonbiased attitude

Leave your thoughts to the process of transformation for a period without interfering. Your small interference will affect the natural transformation of the thought. Your interference is a bias that hinders the free transformation.

Before we declare our new thoughts, we need to put it in the incubator for transformation, because every thought of any person affects him and the whole humanity.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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