Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Never regret the past

What we are today is an entity chiseled by the past. We are being polished by the all experiences and feelings we are going through now. The process of perfecting our life will never end; it will continue to our graves.
We are born raw for this world to live. We are born inexperienced, unbalanced and unsteady and hence we stumble.
Our first attempts in this world are destined to fail.
We try to walk and fall; but our fall is never considered a failure. We are not born with the experience to walk upright in this world. So falling is necessary to learn to walk.
If we did consider the fall from our first attempt to walk as a failure in life, we would have never learned to walk.

How many times does the mother bird throw her little chicks down the cliff into the air to teach them to fly? The mother bird pushes her chicks down again and again till they learn to fly. At each failure to fly, the father eagle interferes and carry the little one back to the top of the cliff.
It is trying, failing and restarting again.

Our past is not a matter of shame. The failures of the past are not a shame; they are the ingredients that combined together to form our present personality. If there were no such past, we would not have learned to live as we live today.

All our attitudes are a constructed mindset.
The process of constructing this mindset needs the failures of the past.

No one is born perfect with wisdom and practical know how to live a proper life. Wisdom is the natural product of considered experiences in our life.
How I learned to be a success at University examinations? I leaned it by writing examinations in lower classes. The wisdom of life is a mass of all knowledge in the past life.

Even if we were born at this age without a past, we are still likely to fall; because we have no back support of experiences. Age does not make us wise only experiences in life will make us mature.

Success in life is also as important as failures. Successes are also experiences. Success also leaves lasting impressions.
Success joins with failure to produce the final product.
Our present attitude or mindset is constructed with a compound of success and failure.
Without them we would have been different.

All our experiences in life are different from other people. The happiness, joy, despair, frustration and everything are different from those of others. Hence we are different from others.
As long as our experiences in the past are different from others, we cannot be the same as them.

Do not regret the past.
They have made us today.
Without them we cannot be the same.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            

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