Thursday, 20 June 2013

Peg your goal on vision

Peg your goal on vision, not on men.

Goals are your targets, it is your winning point and it is the success line.
Though it is not an end, it is a finishing point that you should cross. Each goal qualifies you to continue the race to the next one.
The track of the race leads to this border line and beyond.
Touching the goal is the achievement, the moment of glory. It is the fulfillment of life purpose.

What will take you to this achievement?
Only vision can lead and carry you to your goals.
Vision is like an eagle which carries its young ones on its wings. Vision imparts the passion and helps you to fix your goal.

Vision contains all that you need for running the race to the finishing line.
It gives the ‘push’ to start the race, fills you with the momentum, strengthen you in weak moments, encourages you in troubles and lift you when you sink.

Vision is an ingrained dream. It is more than a dream. Vision is not an emotion, it is deeper than passion and it is beyond all intellectual understanding. It is a haunting and nagging dream.
Vision goes into your blood, while dream stays in your heart.
So vision leaves you not till its fulfillment. It never betrays anyone.
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So peg your goals on vision, not men. Why?

1.       No man can ever be entrenched with the vision of another. However he tries, some elements and dimensions of the vision of another man will remain out of his reach. The larger extent of entrenchment into another’s vision is the merit of a partner. The more he is entrenched in to the vision, the better partner he is.

2.       Man is never stable. He is changing. His attitudes, likes and dislikes, approaches to life and everything that concerns him always undergo changes.
The man who owns the vision also goes through changes. The merit of vision is that it is not influenced by the attitude of man; rather it influences the character of man.
Since man is not stable and he cannot be stable, no partner in an enterprise can be expected to be with us till we reach the goal point. Always expect anyone to leave you at any point in life. You will be left alone in the midway without a direction.
Vision never leaves you in the mid air. It came to take you on its wings to the goal.

3.       Man may fail. Though this is the worst that you may experience in the race to success, it happens every now and then. I believe in the positive nature of human beings, I do not want to tell you that all men are treacherous. Still what we see often around us are not always encouraging to depend on a universal positiveness of man.  
So be prepared for the worst.

There is one more reason why you should peg your goal on vision.

Vision always is larger and heavier than you can carry.
So it is better to let the vision carry you.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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