Sunday, 2 June 2013

Questions never rest

Questions never rest without an answer.
Questions always ask questions. It goes on asking questions.

A question is like a hungry sleeping lion which is awakened. As long as it sleeps, it is not dangerous. Once it is awakened, it starts roaring and prowling for prey. It will not rest till it is satisfied with a delicious feast.

Questions are nagging. It takes away our peace of mind. It cannot be ignored or forgotten. It cannot be transferred to another; it can only be shared.
There is no scope for taking the responsibility or shifting the responsibility of a question; because question itself is a responsibility.
It is hungry like a giant. None can satisfy it with an excuse. It never accepts ignorance; it needs an answer.
Till it is satisfied, it goes on asking and asking.

None can escape from it once it awakened. It follows the one who awakens it.
It is arrogant, unconventional, nontraditional, skeptical and so on ….

Questions never come alone. They follow one after another. One question carries many other questions, each in turn carries many others.
Hence it is maddening.

None can stop answering to questions. The one who has asked one question will have to another all other questions that trail with it. Once a question is asked, he goes on asking questions even if he answers to those questions. Questions are not lonely or isolated beings; they are linked to one another to an endless length.

It is best for a peaceful living not to ask questions. It was the life style of conventional people in the past. Non conformity was considered by them as a violation of the order of peace. But a life without questions is static. It is like an ocean without waves. It is an etherized existence.

Only questions can change our life for better.
The world has been changed by questions like why, how, when, and where?
The nagging nature of questions leads to answers. Answers to questions have changed the world.

Those who asked questions against conventional beliefs and life style are always considered to be peace breakers. When the world cannot stop them from asking questions and seeking answers, it calls them ‘crazy’.
Their craziness is a blessing to our life.

The craziness of those who asked questions has made the world global.
It fixed the sun in the centre of the universe and assigned the earth a path to move around the sun.
The craziness of questioners extended the world beyond Europe.
Those crazy people discovered civilizations, races, resources and wealth.

So let us ask questions, though they are nagging.
Answer to questions will change the world for better.

Professor Jacob Abraham                                                                            
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