Monday, 29 July 2013

Problems, Rivers and the Ocean

What relation is there between problems, rivers and ocean?
The answer to the question is the answer to another question: why do rivers flow zigzag? There is no river in this world that flows in a straight line. Even the rivers in the Garden of Eden flowed through winding paths to their destination, the ocean. If they could ever flow in a straight line they could save many miles in distance.

The answer to the question “why do rivers flow winding?” is very simple. Rivers flow through winding paths because of the obstacles in their way. The natural tendency of rivers is to flow straight. They always prefer to do so. Still if they find a rock, a huge tree or landslide on their way, they find a new path turning left or right. Rivers have no power to overcome these obstacles. They do not try to flow over these obstacles.

Rivers seem to be week before rocks and other obstacles.  They do never stand before a rock, muster up strength and overcome the rock. Instead they flow left or right creating a zigzag path.

Let us note down five characteristics of rivers in connection with problems:

1.       Rivers are weak before problems.          
2.       They do not wait to must up strength to overcome problems.
3.       They prefer to flow always and go on flowing.
4.       They evade problems, never face challenges.
5.       They are not over comers, not victors, but victims.

Ocean is the destination of every river. Still ocean is different in facing problems. Ocean is a gathering of rivers. It has gathered the strength of many rivers. Hence ocean never accepts problems. It never turns away from problems. Whenever it faces a problem, it smashes at it with all its gathered might and overcomes it. Ocean conquers, subdues and flows over problems. It sinks problems to its bottom and challenges the world. Its posture is that of a challenger. It is never scary of problems. Ocean is a mighty force. It fills its territory and allows pilferers. It is not a coward and never gives way for problems.

1.       Ocean is courageous before problems.
2.       Ocean has gathered strength of many rivers.
3.       Ocean never turns away from problems, but faces it.
4.       Ocean conquers every problem.
5.       Ocean is always a victor, never a victim.

Rivers will never accept challenges. It has a history of evading problems. Ocean never accepts failures. It always has been a conqueror.

Be a conqueror.
Be a victor, not a victim.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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