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Self Awareness (Course material)


Ignorance is the cause of failure.
Ignorance is failure.

Failure is failing to realize yourself and failing to manage your resources.

Failure is failing to realize:
1.       Your resource – who you are – your personality?
2.       Resources that you accumulate
3.       Are you successfully managing your resources?
4.       How to manage your resources?

The 1 and 2 are yourself and 3 and 4 are how you profit from yourself.


1.         Who You Are?

Personality is a construct, not an inheritance.

You are a unique personality
There are no two similar and equal personalities
You are not what you see in your mirror or your photograph
You are the unseen person inside your physical body
You are the tangible and experienced person beyond your physical body.

To understand your true self, let us dissect your being
You are not a mixture of a number of products, but you are a new and unique product
Many components might have gone into the formation of your personality

You are not salad of components
You are a new product formed in a crucible.

Crucible is:
a container in which metals or other substances can be heated to very high temperatures
a place or situation in which different cultures or styles can mix together to produce something new and exciting

The components put into a crucible are contributed by:

1.       Your immediate society
2.       Your larger society

1.         Your immediate society – your family

i.           Father, mother, grandparents, brothers, sisters and other close relatives.
ii.          Traditional beliefs, customs and way of life of your family
iii.        Political and religious beliefs of your family
iv.        Habits of your family members
v.         Family’s attitude towards money, nature, rich and poor people
vi.        Financial security of the family
vii.      The success and failure of your family members
viii.     Ways adopted by your family for the sustenance in failures.
ix.        How your family manage success.   ….    … …  etc.

All these components are put together into a hot crucible.

These are further added with components from the Larger Society.

2.         Larger Society

i.        Your village
ii.       Your state
iii.     Your nation
iv.     Your religion

Larger Society consists of your Relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues etc.

Components donated by the Larger society:

i.         Traditions and customs/ beliefs and practices
ii.        Political systems – similarities, conflict, values etc.
iii.      Religious beliefs - similarities, conflict, values etc.
iv.      Success and failures of people
v.       Ways adopted by your family for the sustenance in failures and to achieve success.
vi.      Your families attitude towards the Larger Society
vii.    The attitude of the Larger Society towards you and your family
viii.   Profitable and bitter experiences you and your family have received from the Larger Society

All these are put together in a crucible to prepare a new product – your personality – the true yourself.

There is a catalyst in this chemical reaction – your personal response to all these components.
Your personal response is not always your public response
It is your secret response in your heart – it creates certain impressions.
This catalyst makes the difference.
The product is always unique.
Do not live like a salad – a dissoluble mixture of different components
You cannot live like that
Even if you try it will create a conflict in your life – conflict within your own personality

You are unique
You are not like any other person
There is nobody like you

You are unique and so you have a unique resource or talent.

No river is like another river
No forest is like another forest
No tree is like another tree (of its own species)
No man/woman is like another man/woman.

Look deep inside you to find who you are:

1.       A teacher
2.       A writer
3.       A statesman
4.       A mathematician
5.       A physician
6.       An artist  ...  … … …  etc.

Everybody has his own resource

Even a beggar has his own resource – otherwise he would not survive
He has the resource, the talent to beg – he is successful in his trade

Now discover your own resource and write down:



Resources accumulated supplements to the primary resource.
Secondary resource cannot exist or work without the primary resource.
It has no existence and action outside the primary resource.

It only supplements, never act on itself.
It is only a faithful slave, not a master.

Resources gathered are:

i.        Information gathered
ii.       Knowledge gathered
iii.     Expertise gathered
iv.     Skills gathered
v.      Accepted influences from the immediate and larger society

Resources gathered do not go into your personality
They remain as ‘ready tools’ with you.

A carpenter cannot work if he is not aware of the tools he has in his bag.
A writer cannot write if he is not aware of his talents and skills.

How you gather resources:

i.                     Reading/listening
ii.                   Interaction with others
iii.                  Expressing - writing/speaking
iv.                 Thinking independently


Are you managing your resources well?

1.       Do you feel that you are in your space – are you doing the right job according to your unique personality – are you an engineer working as a doctor – are you a teacher working as a teacher?
2.       Are you really happy in your present career?
3.       Do you enjoy your work – are you working out of love for the work or because of some other reason – will you remain in this career even if you are underpaid?
4.       Do you believe that this career will lead you to the final success point in your life – the fulfillment of your life’s purpose – the true satisfaction


Poverty is poor resource management.

Managing your resource is making the best out of it.
It is turning the resource into successful life.
Successful life is not always creating wealth – it is fulfilling your life’s purpose
Success is attaining satisfaction in life.

Resources are different as individuals are unique
So there is no ‘Royal One Way’ to the management of resource.

Manage your resources to make the best out of it.

                         I.     Use it
                       II.     Trade it
                     III.     Exchange it

Whatever you may do, never let your resources lay idle.

“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person but its own mindset can!” – Ratan Tata


What have you found?

1.       What are your resources – Your unique personality?
2.       Are you successfully managing your resource?

Finding answer to these questions is knowing yourself and your present condition of life.

If your answer to the second question is positive, go ahead to success.

 If the answer to the second question is negative, turn aside and move in another direction.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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