Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The White Rabbit

He was not a failure as a farmer. He had a fertile ranch somewhere in the western side of America. He moved to this new farm a year ago dreaming of richness and success. He carefully surveyed the farm before he purchased it from its former owner. He found many possibilities of richness and wealth in it. He was not a dreamy gold hunter, but he expected valuable stones, oil or even precious metals in the farm. He worked hard farming in the land and spent many hours a day in search of precious stones and metals. He was not avaricious, but an ideal farmer who had justifiable desire to become a success in his life. he pursued his dream with perseverance.

His character and passion for his dream impressed the gods. His hardworking and indefatigable pursuit for success moved gods to reward him. Heaven decided to turn his life into a success. Gods had their own way to meet the farmer and reward him. They unanimously appointed a beautiful goddess to reward the farmer with richness.

One beautiful evening of autumn was selected by the supernatural goddess to visit the farm. She came down with a large basket full of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones. This was more than enough to turn the darkness into light. The basket with all its content would be sufficient to keep his many generations wealthy.

The goddess met the farmer in his ranch house sipping his evening coffee. He has completed his daily work and usual walk around searching for shining stones and metals. He was not frustrated but sad because he could not materialize his dream yet. One more day is dying without success. He made a deep sigh and drank the last ounce of coffee from the coffee cup. He might have a refreshing bath and rest in the night dreaming light and sparks of gold and diamonds.

Unexpectedly the goddess appeared before him and greeted in sweet heavenly voice. She announced to him the heavenly decision to reward his diligence and truthfulness. She informed him how the gods are really impressed by his passion for his dream. She added that though the land is not poor in richness, it would be hard for him to unearth all its richness. Hence gods were pleased to reward him with a large basket of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones. She again informed him that the basket is placed under the apple tree in the garden in the west side of the farm. If he goes looking straight at the setting sun, he will not fail the exact apple tree. Everything he finds there in the golden basket was his forever.

What an announcement! The goddess was fading into the air. The farmer was in ecstasy. Just before she went out of sight, she added a warning to all what she has already said. The farmer might walk westwards looking at the setting sun so as not to miss the path to the apple tree. There was one problem in the garden. There was a White Rabbit in the garden. It was there since the first day he came to the farm. The happy news is that it will disappear once the farmer picked up the basket. The farmer should not think about this White Rabbit, never look around to see it as he walked towards the apple tree and the basket. With this warning the goddess disappeared.

The farmer was so excited. He had been rewarded by gods. What a miracle. He rushed out of his farm house, looked straight at the setting sun and the apple tree. Behold! There is a golden basket full of gold coins, silver coins, diamonds and many other precious metals. The light emanated from the basket transformed the entire surrounding into a heaven. He rushed, walked and ran towards. Alas! Suddenly he remembered the White Rabbit. His pace slowed, his mind waved and his eyes moved unsteady. And everything disappeared!

Friends, forget the white rabbit in your life.  
I cannot …..
I am not efficient for …..
My nature happened to be this …..
I am not capable of …….
I am not wealthy enough for ……………..

Forget all these white rabbits.
Focus on your dream and run for it. If you cannot run, crawl to success.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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