Friday, 30 August 2013

What an attitude (The story of a teenage mosquito)

It was a happy small family of mosquitoes - father mosquito, mother mosquito and their little teenage son mosquito. The little mosquito was such a cute boy that their parents and their neighbors loved him a lot. He was wise, smart, well mannered and caring. He was adventurous too.

Since he was the first and only son to his parents, they cared and protected him more than their own well being. They fed him at their home, played with him, guarded him everywhere he went and never let him away from their sight.

There was no reason for him to be unhappy. Still he grew uneasy. He felt lonely in the midst of his parents, friends and relatives. He was bored and bored. Something is missing in his life. He felt that he is missing the purpose of his life. He wanted to find out that purpose. He searched around and around and was not satisfied. He was away from a serious mission in life.

His frustration grew that he decided to talk it with his parents. He wanted to go out of his home in search of the purpose of his life. He wanted to travel, experience the world and strange moments outside.

His parents were shocked to hear his intention to go out of their home. They tried to explain the dangers outside. They spoke about the life threatening enemies living outside. The outside world is full of huge size human beings with large hands and palms and claps with heavy sound and modern inventions to trap them to death. One clap of a human can squeeze their life out of them forever. Death waits in the world outside.

Nothing could persuade him from going out in search of new experiences. He decided to move out, he stood firm. Death was a better solution to him than living a meaningless life. A hole in life, the missing purpose of life, is a torture.

After long arguments they came to a painful conclusion. The teenager mosquito might fly out, but should return after every flight to his home and parents. So he kissed his parents and said goodbye to his sobbing parents.

He could not believe his eyes. He never imagined that the world outside is such a diverse one. Lights and sounds blinded his eyes and dumped his ears for a while. Large vehicles moving at a high speed, huge humans controlling everything and the wind, cold and heat of nature. He moved slowly and fast.

He heard sweet music oozing out of a brightly lit room. He was enchanted by the light. Lights had an irresistible charm for him. He flew fast towards it. Alas! All the light came through the glass windows and doors that remained closed except for short interim for men and women to go in and come out. Sounds of music slipped through these openings of the door. The small mosquito was eager to find what were going inside the room. He waited for his chance to get in.

A tall man with a lean woman in fashionable clothes opened the door to get inside. Swipe! The mosquito got inside the room. He could not understand what was going there. There were people singing, dancing, eating and drinking. They talked loud and moved graciously. The noise and the thick air heavy with an unfamiliar scent were disgusting to him. It was his first experience of such a situation. Still he deiced to fly around.

He flew, slow and fast. He swiped and glided. He flew near men’s faces, sat for a while on lights, glided through the dancing men and women. It was an experience. Suddenly he heard men clapping, far and near to his ear. It was such a threatening voice. Still he enjoyed it. He glided through the air, flew everywhere. The sound of men clapping their hands grew.

The odor in the room, the heavy beats of the drum added with the clapping sound of humans were too much for the mosquito. He decided to get out of that place. He flew fast to the door. Alas! It was closed. He stood puzzled for a while. Fortunately, a man with empty glasses, ceramic plates and some more on a tray came to the door and opened it to go out. The teenage mosquito had already learned the trick of sweeping through half opened doors. He used the opportunity and flew out. The door closed behind and the sound decreased. He flew far away from the place.

He sighed deeply. He had finished his first adventurous journey in the world. Now it is time to meet his parents. He flew fast to his tiny home. There he found his parents, anxiously waiting for him with weeping eyes. As he fell into his mother’s arms, his parents shouted with joy. It was like receiving back the lost paradise.

“How do you feel about the world outside?” His father asked.
“It is amazing. The humans outside are really good people. As I flew and glided over them, they all clapped hands, encouraging me. The more I glided past them, more clippings I received.” said the teenage mosquito.

What an attitude!

(Post Script: The people inside the room were trying to kill the tiny mosquito by clapping their hands over the mosquito. It was sheer luck that the mosquito was not trapped in between their palms and smashed.)

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