Thursday, 17 October 2013

All proofs are not truth

Does everything that is presented as proof indicate a truth? My answer is a Yes.
In fact all proofs indicate truth. The only difference between a false proof and a true proof is that the false proof indicates a truth it claims not and a true proof indicates a truth it claims to be.

Let me illustrate by narrating an incident from the Old Testament of the Bible.

It is the story of Joseph. He was spending his days as a slave in the house of the Egyptian military officer Potiphar. He was such a handsome young man that Potiphar’s wife took a fancy over him. She could not resist his physical appearance. She invited him to have sex with her more than once. But he was a Hebrew to his blood and was afraid of his living God. So he was not ready to commit the sin. Moreover he considered it a crime against his master who had trusted him so much to give him full freedom in the house. The lady did not care about his religious beliefs and other moral excuses.

One day as he was serving in the innermost chambers of the house, she caught hold him and forced him to lay with her. He was such man of character that he did not yield to the temptation. He forcefully pushed her aside and ran away from the place. But she could catch hold of his outer garment. She tried to stop him by holding on his outer garment and pulling him to her bed. There was no option left to him to escape from her other than leaving behind the outer garment and running away. And he did so. Joseph ran away from her. She had his outer garment in her hands.

She was furious, ashamed and frustrated. She decided to teach Joseph a lesson. Holding up the garment she shouted for help as if someone is molesting her. Servants ran to her. Her husband Potiphar rushed to her. She was in tears. She narrated a false story to her husband that Joseph, the slave, tried to molest her in her bed chamber and when she yelled out for help he left behind his outer garment and escaped. She had the proof in her hand for the story. The proof indicated that Joseph is a molester of women and a cheater of his master.

She had the proof. Where did the proof lead others? Did the proof lead to the truth? Certainly not. Still Joseph’s garment was a proof.

A proof always stands for the truth. The proof stands for the truth that Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph and when he did run away resisting the seduction, she caught hold of his garments and it is left with her. The proof is the proof of her adulterous attempt. The proof always indicates the truth.

Here we find a lady using the proof to mislead others. She is using the same proof that indicates a truth to mislead others to a false story. It is like a sign board turned upside down by naughty boys. The sign board is telling the truth, but since it was turned upside down by naughty boys, it is misleading people.

The truth is that every proof can be misleading if it is manipulated by evil people. Because proof itself does not lead anybody to the truth. All depends on how we utilize the proof; who utilizes the proof and for what purpose the proof is utilized.

So proofs are not a sure way to truth.
Statistics are not unfailing information to reach conclusions.

What we see with our eyes, what we hear with our ears and what we feel with our senses – all may fail to take us to the truth.

Consider the story of Othello written by Shakespeare. Othello had enough proof that his sweet wife Desdemona is unfaithful to his marriage bed. He saw proofs and he heard proofs. But after murdering his innocent wife, he realized that all what he heard and all what he saw were proof further manipulated by the villain. They were proofs of the villainy of Iago, something he failed to realize.

So it is wisdom to eye proofs with a doubting mind till we are convinced. How long it will take to reach such a conviction. May be few weeks, may be few months and may be years.

Still, let us not forget that all proofs do not lead us to the truth.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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