Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Winners create history

Winners make laws. Losers follow them.

We are familiar with the dictum that history is written by the victors. History is always ‘his story’ the story of the winner. History is not always a record of the truth. It is a story narrated as seen by the narrator. The narrator wishes his successor to remember the events in a particular way as sees them. Hence history is not always an objective record; it is often subjective recordings endorsed by the government of a nation. Recorded history of the same event endorsed by a nation is different from that endorsed by another nation.

Victors write history. Victors make laws. Victors change history and laws. Victors change the world.
And the victims and the losers follow them.

The world accepts nothing from a loser. The only lesson he passes to others is not to follow his paths. No memorials are made to him. No poetry is written for him. No days are separated for him.

Jesus is still worshiped because he was a winner. He knew the secret power of success. His disciples understood the power of success in changing the world. So St. Paul advised Christians to live a triumphant life. Jesus would not have influenced the world so much if His life story ended with the cross. It went beyond the cross to the grave and to resurrection. The story did not end there too. It continued through his disciples conquering people. The life story of Jesus continues. It is a story of success.

I mean, only winners make history. Victims follow them.

Why a follower? Why can’t we be winners and create or change history?
Henry Ford did it. Bill Gates is doing it. Steve Jobs did it. Tata did it. Gandhiji did it. The Uncle Sam of USA, the poor butcher added a chapter to history.

Great men are born ordinary. Great men are created by their success in life. Success is a choice not a gift of fate. In fact, we all are born to be winners. There is no god or any supernatural power that wishes us to live a failure. We are placed in this world to conquer. Nobody is working against you stopping your journey to success. Success is only a matter of choice.

Decide. Arise. Walk towards success. Be a winner.
Do not be a follower, but be a leader.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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